INFINITY Workspaces. What it is & What it Allows You To do – Part 1

INFINITY Workspaces is a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) unlike any other. The name itself represents boundless, endless, and more significant than any number.

A workspace is where you get stuff done. Whether you’re a high-performing knowledge worker, a creative designer, or a technical professional, you require a computing environment that fits the way you work. Your access to files is critical. But it would be best if you had more than cloud-based file storage and retrieval. You’ve got everything from standard applications to high-resource demand programs that you also use daily to get the job done. Everything must be in one place, easily and securely accessed from anywhere and on any device. Forward leaning and adaptable Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) technologies like INFINITY Workspaces position companies for long-term success as the workplace model, customer landscape, technology solutions, and unpredictable events continue to evolve.

INFINITY Workspaces are our high-capacity DaaS solutions. In this article, we’ll give you the intel you need to make an informed choice between the various DaaS options on the market today.



The DaaS Model of Virtual Desktop Delivery

2022 is the era of DaaS, a cloud-based service that handles all the resources needed to deliver virtual desktops.

What is a virtual desktop? 

A virtual desktop is your applications, files, and operating system. It works on any internet-connected device and gives you many professional business advantages. It even includes personal computer settings delivered to your screen (any screen) from the cloud—everything you need to get the job done. Anywhere you want to go. Desktop-as-a-Service is the model that allows us to provision and maintain those virtual desktops for you within an easily budgeted subscription-based structure. At its best, DaaS ensures business continuity, improves security, and provides control over business-critical assets. Fully compliant, Tier 4 data centers, entirely fault-tolerant and have redundancy for every component, host IronOrbit’s INFINITY Workspaces (DaaS). You benefit from IronOrbit’s robust security protocols, which provide much more security than on-site servers.


3 Different DaaS Models You Should Know

Gartner’s 2021 Market Guide for DaaS identifies three different varieties of DaaS offerings:

1. Client-Defined DaaS – The Client-Defined DaaS approach forces clients to assemble the solution from components supplied by a vendor.

2. Vendor-Defined DaaS – A Vendor-Defined DaaS approach takes the burden of figuring things off the shoulders of the client and provides a turnkey solution to manage all infrastructure components.

3. Managed DaaS – Operations that have existing managed services by an MSP and want minimal input into their operations tend to have a Managed DaaS.

Although there are many different DaaS offerings, they all provide virtualized desktop or Windows application experiences delivered from remote public or private cloud-hosted locations. They all eliminate the need to purchase the hardware associated with virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) or server-based computing (SBC).


What Makes IronOrbit’s DaaS, INFINITY Workspaces Superior?

Unlike many competitors in the Vendor-Defined DaaS category, IronOrbit continually innovates solutions to meet the specific demands of clients and the unique demands of their industry. The 2021 Gartner DaaS Market Guide categorizes IronOrbit’s INFINITY Workspaces as a cross between the Vendor-Defined DaaS and Managed DaaS. The key identifiers are the turnkey aspects of our offerings and IronOrbit’s ability to handle as much or as little of the client’s infrastructure as needed.

Four Levels of Superior Cloud Computing – INFINITY Workspaces

A Cloud-Smart Philosophy That Benefits You

IronOrbit’s offerings are built on a pro-business philosophy that demands the right tools for the right job. For example, many of our clients are within industries that utilize high-capacity, data-hungry resources within their workflow. Handling GPU-intensive workloads is a specialty of our Titanium Level of INFINITY Workspaces.

IronOrbit’s line of INFINITY Workspaces addresses the need for high-performance GPU use cases in industries ranging from AEC to Film and Animation. Teams of engineers designed the INFINITY Workspaces from the application backward to optimize the end-user experience for information workers and professionals that work with the most graphics-intensive 3D applications. IronOrbit is the only DaaS provider to provide these robust, data-rich, collaboration-ready workspaces.

Learn more about how IronOrbit’s INFINITY Workspaces can prepare your business for sustained success.

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