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dant clayton ironorbit case study

Dant Clayton

Achieved new flexibility and reliability in manufacturing operations with GPU-accelerated hosted desktops (INFINITY Workspaces).

Direct Travel

Grew into one of the world’s largest travel companies with the help of our scalable cloud infrastructure.

MSA Professional Services

“When COVID-19 started, we were able to provide latency-free workspaces to users with substandard home internet connections using lronOrbit. What started out as a move to optimize our business operations really ended up becoming a lifesaver for our organization”.

Mike Albitz – Senior Systems Engineer

Fratello Construction

Kept thriving through Hurricane Sandy with our disaster-proof cloud.

Icon Builders

Achieved newfound focus by handing off the hosting and management of a business-critical application.

ohana pacific bank ironorbit case study

Ohana Pacific Bank

Replaced their aging onsite IT with a secure cloud-based infrastructure, and never looked back.

paul mitchell ironorbit case study

Paul Mitchell

Achieved new unity and efficiency by consolidating its branches into a single, all-in-one cloud.


Non-persistent hosted desktops allowed it to provide IT resources to a constantly-changing user base.

Clipper Corporation

Since 1994 the Clipper Corporation has been leading the global distribution of commercial restaurant supplies and uniforms.


Gained a competitive edge – the ability to provide high-end, sustainable tech solutions to their clients.

Brown & Weinstein Tax and Financial Group

Brown & Weinstein Tax and Financial Group is a financial services firm with several Southern California locations.

female accountant smiling cloud hosting

Innovative Healthcare Delivery

This unique game-changing healthcare company was founded in 2012 on the principle of improving the quality and efficiency of the healthcare delivery system.

C.O.D. Capitol

C.O.D. Capital is a collect on delivery (COD) solutions provider. A COD is a type of transaction where customers pay for an item when it’s delivered to them instead of when they order it.

The Truss Company

This leading manufacturer of engineered wood roof and floor trusses was founded in 1985. The 400 plus employee organization sells primarily to professional contractors…

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is an important government research and development institution with a yearly budget of $1.5 billion.

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