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Press Release

May 2022 – Anaheim Hills, CA

IronOrbit to Participate at 2022 ACEC Annual Convention

The annual convention brings together 1,600 attendees from various government agencies and the nation’s top AEC firms. Participants welcome the return of face-to-face networking.

Press Release

April 2022 – Anaheim Hills, CA

D&M West Expo Shows US Manufacturing Embracing Emerging Technologies

With Smart Manufacturing Expected to Reach $590 Billion by 2028, Cloud Computing & Digital Transformation are Key Enablers for Manufacturers and Industry 4.0

Press Release

April 2022 – Anaheim Hills, CA

IronOrbit Exhibits at the Nation's Largest Design & Manufacturing Expo

Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution and asserts the belief that traditional factories and warehouses will no longer compete because they’re too slow and cumbersome.

Press Release

March 2022 – Anaheim Hills, CA

IronOrbit Uses The World's Most Powerful Data Center GPU

The A40 is built on NVIDIA’s Ampere Architecture and boasts a 300W GPU with 696 gigabytes of memory bandwidth. The NVIDIA Ampere is a new GPU architecture that raises the bar for high-performance and energy-efficient computing on a large scale.

Press Release

February 2022 – Anaheim Hills, CA

IronOrbit Exhibits at New York's Largest Construction & Design Conference

The two-day construction industry conference will feature over 250 exhibitors and 300 speakers presenting on topics including Aligning Technology & Business, Importance of Digitization, and New York's $306 Billion Infrastructure Plan.

Press Release

February 2022 – Anaheim Hills, CA

IronOrbit Partners with DUO Security

IronOrbit and Duo are excited about this new partnership and the addition of two-factor authentication as part of IronOrbit's ever-expanding portfolio of security services.

Press Release

February 2022 – Anaheim Hills, CA

IronOrbit Partners with Keeper Security

The alliance delivers on the commitment to protect clients against password-related data breaches by improving password management & security.

Press Release

January 2022 – Anaheim Hills, CA

IronOrbit Exhibits at the National Council of Structural Engineers Association

IronOrbit showcases its GPU Accelerated INFINITY Workspaces at the National Council of Structural Engineers Association.

Press Release

January 2022 – Anaheim Hills, CA

IronOrbit Presents for ACEC Massachusetts

When it Comes to Virtual Desktops, Infrastructure & DaaS, which Scales Faster & More Securely?

Press Release

November, 2021 – Anaheim Hills, CA

IronOrbit expands its Canadian presence amidst the surge in

DaaS market demand

IronOrbit Data Center provides strategic access to growing Canadian market.

Press Release

November, 2021 – Anaheim Hills, CA

IronOrbit Adopts CrowdStrike Falcon Complete Managed Detection

& Response

This new layer of security delivers enhanced visibility and automated analysis of cyberattacks to dramatically reduce response times.

Press Release

October, 2021 – Anaheim Hills, CA

Fueled By Innovation, IronOrbit Introduces Advanced Service Offerings

In the spirit of agility and innovation, this strategy enables the delivery of comprehensive solutions that meet the clients’ business strategy and requirements.

Press Release

September, 2021 – Anaheim Hills, CA

IronOrbit to Participate at this year’s ACEC’s National IT Forum

AEC firms frequently need the ability to scale up quickly as they acquire new projects that require an increase in resources. With that growth comes an increased need for cybersecurity. How do you handle both challenges within budget? IronOrbit’s presentation will explore answers to these questions.

Press Release

August, 2021 – Anaheim Hills, CA

IronOrbit’s Recognized in Gartner’s Market Guide for Desktop-as-a-Service 2021

The Gartner Market Guide for Desktop as a Service indicates market growth

by 98% in 2020 and is expected to grow another 68% this year. DaaS has

become the go-to technology of choice for business leaders everywhere.

Press Release

March, 2021 – Anaheim Hills, CA

GWFG Turns to IronOrbit to Protect Food Manufacturing & Supply Chain from Cyberthreats

Golden West Food Group (GWFG) is a full spectrum manufacturer of premium food products. Although they have been a client for 4 years, the escalating threat of cyberattacks provoked the leadership of GWFG to look for ways to protect their systems.


Exciting Technology Innovations in EVERY Industry…

Keep yourself informed on everything that technology has to offer. Whatever industry you're in, we've worked within it and have proven solutions. We also highly encourage collaboration for future-proof solutions.

AEC Innovations & Technologies

CAD & BIM Technology advancements. GPU-Acceleration and cloud-based workspaces. Read about all the new innovations in AEC technology.


MSA Professional Services

"When COVID-19 started, we were able to provide latency-free workspaces to users with substandard home internet connections using lronOrbit."


Used our high-powered, cloud-based BIM workstations to reduce its hardware costs and enable anywhere, anytime BIM access.

ACEC 2021

ACEC Annual Convention

Robert Mourra provides a glimpse into why IronOrbit is one of the fastest-growing private-public cloud providers in 2021.


MSA Professional Services

How IronOrbit Helped MSA Professional Services Get Through The Pandemic of 2020.

Mike Albitz – Sr. Systems Engineer, MSA Professional Services

Healthcare Technology

Learn about Tele-Medicine, GPU-Accelerated workspaces that allow for incredible 4K medical imaging, and more!

Innovations in Education Technology

Learn about how technology is transforming the education landscape. Through distance learning and digitized classrooms, technology is making a huge difference in the lives of our students.



Non-persistent hosted desktops allowed it to provide IT resources to a constantly-changing user base.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is an important government research and development institution with a yearly budget of $1.5 billion.



Many of the major advancements in manufacturing are technology based. Keep up with the latest advancements, and be prepared to take advantage of them. 


The Truss Company

This leading manufacturer of engineered wood roof and floor trusses was founded in 1985. The 400 plus employee organization sells primarily to professional contractors…

dant clayton ironorbit case study

Dant Clayton

Achieved new flexibility and reliability in manufacturing operations with GPU-accelerated hosted desktops (INFINITY Workspaces).


Giroux Glass

Giroux Glass, best known for its work on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, has established itself as one of the nation's most respected glazing contractors since 1946.

Barbara Kotsos – the Director of Marketing for the company, and Michelle Fainberg, the company's CAD manager, talk about how IronOrbit's Hosted Desktop (INFINITY Workspaces) solution provided enhanced connectivity and collaboration with key teams out in the field.

Innovations in Travel Technology

Learn about how technology is transforming the travel industry.

Financial & Legal


Security & compliancy are major pillars of these industries. See how technology has affected every aspect of how we do business today.


American Expat Tax Services

New businesses have numerous challenges to overcome in the weeks and months between the conception of a business idea…

female accountant smiling cloud hosting

Brown & Weinstein Tax

& Financial Group

Brown & Weinstein Tax and Financial Group is a financial services firm with several Southern California locations.

ohana pacific bank ironorbit case study

Ohana Pacific Bank

Replaced their aging onsite IT with a secure cloud-based infrastructure, and never looked back.

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