Improving Lives Through the Mindful Use of Technology

Profit-Making and Social Impact Initiatives Do Not Have to Be Exclusive to Each Other

Our whole reason for being is focused on the long term. We are continuously evolving, which includes the ways we make a difference. Our CSR programs improve lives through the mindful use of technology and include environmental sustainability, inclusion, diversity, and social impact.

Dedicated to the mission to help everyone live healthier and more fulfilling lives, we actively seek areas where we can do the most good based on the following ideas and principles:

Technology Fueled Progress

Propagate the ethical use of technology and communication for the betterment of humanity.

Corporate Responsibility

When we see a problem that we can do something about, we are compelled to get involved. Progression of environmental sustainability and the prevention of cyber-crimes are just a couple of our intrinsic values.

Local & Global Causes

Engage in charitable, philanthropic, and volunteer efforts within our community and across the world.

Synchronous Involvement in Vital Causes

Building a great company and making the world a better place are not conflicting goals. Both are essential components of long-term success.

Equity for People & Business Alike

Nurture the advancement and proliferation of technologies that create level playing fields for people around the globe and the businesses they create, large and small, no matter where they’re located.

A few recent examples of our CSR involvement.

We look forward to continuing to help make positive changes in the world.

Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative

The mission of the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative is the global fight to abolish labor and sex trafficking by hitting slave profiteers where they’ll hurt most.

The Hawaiian Special Olympics 

The Storehouse 

Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Join the IronOrbit Effort!

The IronOrbit Effort

Committed to developing deep and meaningful connections with our neighborhoods and beyond, we continuously seek innovative ways to improve lives with technology. We are dedicated to providing support to non-profits, helping them reach their goals, make a greater impact, and engage with communities.

Embracing Ethical Technology

Practicing the best security and compliance protocols with full transparency.

Extending Support

Offering 24/7/365 US-based support to our clients & members.