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IronOrbit Offers Premium 24/7/365 Support For Microsoft 365 Applications & Teams Integration

We Support the Microsoft 365 Applications You Use Everyday.

Discount Licensing

Get Microsoft 365 for Business plans for less than the market rate.

Data Backups

Keep your Microsoft 365 files and emails backed up and protected in the long term.

Full, Secure Remote Access

Access all your Microsoft 365 applications from anywhere, on any device, securely with an IronOrbit optimized workspace.

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Wonder What It’s Like to Work With IronOrbit? (Our Process)


We listen to what our clients want to do with their IT systems, taking their organizational objectives and timetables into account.


We formulate a solution that addresses our client’s concerns with their current IT environment but that also enables them to pursue their next-stage goals.


We bring the required IT solutions online while being careful not to interrupt the client’s daily workflow.

Continuous, Caring Support

We pride ourselves on speedy response times and maintaining a high touch with our customers (24/7 US-based support).

Everything You Need for a Fixed-Monthly Fee

With the All-in-One ICT Solution

For a Fixed-Monthly fee, IronOrbit provides a turnkey solution that leverages the power of the cloud for the assets that matter most.

Microsoft 365 support, 24/7 IT support, Cloud Workspaces for ALL of your users. Fast, secure, backed up and future-proof.

Your digital transformation.

  • Blazing-Fast, All-Flash/SSD Hosting; Launch In 1 Second
  • Email Encryption, 2FA & MDM Add-Ons Available
  • UNLIMITED CPU, RAM & Microsoft Software Upgrades
  • 24/7/365 All-Inclusive Support (W/ Engineering)
  • Highly-Secure, HIPAA, PCI DSS, & SOC 2 Compliant
  • 99.999% Uptime Guarantee

Lower Costs, Full Remote Access, and

Advanced Backups and Support

A Great Deal Gets

Even Better

The basic plan already gives you the Microsoft 365 suite and 1 TB of file storage for under $10/user/month - now get it for even less!

Work From Anywhere, Securely

Access the full versions of your favorite Microsoft 365 applications from anywhere, with any device, while keeping your files on our secure servers at all times.

Get The Support Your Business Deserves

With IronOrbit Support for Microsoft 365, you always know that you're just a phone call or email away from solving your Microsoft 365-related problem.

What Are IronOrbit

INFINITY Workspaces?

Now, more than ever, businesses need easily accessible and dynamic computing, communications, and collaboration capabilities. Put simply, IronOrbit INFINITY Workspaces (hosted desktops), are your computers in the cloud. And they are optimized for what businesses need to accomplish.

Your applications, your files, your operating system – even your personal desktop shortcuts and settings – it’s all there for you. INFINITY Workspaces are faster and more powerful than your laptop or desktop computers and can be accessed securely via any internet-connected device.

Your All-in-One ICT Solution.



Our data centers are protected with environmental, logical and operational security measures, including physical access controls, biometric scanning and around-the-clock surveillance. We comply with national, international and industry security standards, and leverage the latest security technologies to keep you safe.

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