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Our INFINITY Workspaces solution provide busy IT Managers like yourself the freedom and flexibility you need. A complete ICT solution for all of your users. Whether remote or in-house, we handle everything for you. Allowing you the freedom to focus on more important things, like seeking out the newest technologies to put your company ahead of the competition.

We can help with that too.

Wonder What It’s Like to Work With IronOrbit? (Our Process)


We listen to what our clients want to do with their IT systems, taking their organizational objectives and timetables into account.


We formulate a solution that addresses our client’s concerns with their current IT environment but that also enables them to pursue their next-stage goals.


We bring the required IT solutions online while being careful not to interrupt the client’s daily workflow.

Continuous, Caring Support

We pride ourselves on speedy response times and maintaining a high touch with our customers (24/7 US-based support).

All the Tools You Need to Advance Your Company

With the All-in-One ICT Solution

For a Fixed-Monthly fee, IronOrbit provides a turnkey solution that leverages the power of the cloud for the assets that matter most.

Microsoft 365 support, 24/7 IT support, Cloud Workspaces for ALL of your users. Fast, secure, backed up and future-proof.

Your digital transformation.

  • Blazing-Fast, All-Flash/SSD Hosting; Launch In 1 Second
  • Email Encryption, 2FA & MDM Add-Ons Available
  • UNLIMITED CPU, RAM & Microsoft Software Upgrades

Full-Service ICT Portal

with IO Central

Making the cloud simple.

  • 24/7/365 All-Inclusive Support (W/ Engineering)
  • Highly-Secure, HIPAA, PCI DSS, & SOC 2 Compliant
  • 99.999% Uptime Guarantee

Picking the Wrong Cloud Partner Can Be a Disaster.

We can Simplify IT for You.

Are You Worried That An External Firm Will Overstep Their Welcome?

We work with over 1000 clients within the capacity that they want from us. Our job is to make you look great in front of your boss.

Do You Feel Like You Can’t Take A Vacation?

A vacation shouldn’t be spent on your phone fixing problems. Let our team work while you’re away to keep everything up and running and stress-free.

Want A Team

You Can Trust?

We enjoy working on tough complex problems with capable people like you. Let’s do something great for your company!


What We’ve Done for Our Partners

We Assist IT Managers


Direct Travel

“Our success in the travel industry comes down to our ability to leverage technology and put it to work for our customers. IronOrbit helps us keep that competitive edge.”

Chris DeSimone – Director of IT Operations – Direct Travel


Hillhurst Mortgage

Hillhurst Mortgage, Inc. is one of the most highly regarded boutique firms in Southern California. In this brief video, the firm’s founding president, Douglas Smaldino, talks about how technology is “mission-critical” for the amazing flow and efficiency of his operation.


Cal Fasteners

“A lot of times I’ll be at home and think, ‘Man, I forgot to take care of this’. With IronOrbit I can walk into any room at home, open my laptop, and I’m suddenly at work. I can take care of whatever it is and not have to worry about it anymore. I can be anywhere in the world and be at my desk. I don’t have to back-up anything because it’s already backed up.”

Joe Truckey – Owner – Cal Fasteners

joe truckey ironorbit testimonial with play button

What Are IronOrbit

INFINITY Workspaces?

Now, more than ever, businesses need easily accessible and dynamic computing, communications, and collaboration capabilities. Put simply, IronOrbit INFINITY Workspaces (hosted desktops), are your computers in the cloud. And they are optimized for what businesses need to accomplish.

Your applications, your files, your operating system – even your personal desktop shortcuts and settings – it’s all there for you. INFINITY Workspaces are faster and more powerful than your laptop or desktop computers and can be accessed securely via any internet-connected device.

Your All-in-One ICT Solution.

Technology &

Cloud Innovations

Check out our blog for the latest in the cloud and

bleeding-edge technology and innovations.

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