IronOrbit’s INFINITY Workspaces Help Prepare Future Design & Engineer Talent for Sustained Success

Cloud technology enables online and in class room flexibility.




Technologies are impacting every type of infrastructure imaginable. Not only is cloud computing changing everything about electronic design, but it is also democratizing the way we learn how to use the latest programs and optimize the way teams collaborate.

In an article that appeared on EETimes, the founder of Edge AI and Vision Alliance said cloud computing is changing everything about electronic design because more and more problems confronting designers are getting solved in the cloud. “The cloud is the number one force driving change in engineering departments around the world and has everything to do with almost every aspect of electronic design. It is drastically changing the way engineers work.”

The cloud is also changing the way student designers and engineers learn their craft.

Modern technology is about what many hundreds of thousands of remote computers can do to accumulate and store data and accelerate processing. It can transform the basic every-day personal computer into a super-fast powerhouse of a machine without investing lots of money in massive upgrades. Just as cloud computing is incredibly valuable to the working professional, it is indispensable for the Autodesk student learning to become a designer, an engineer, or an architect. In a recent CAD Community article, mechanical engineer Oren Klein (GoWesty) says, “It’s convenient to be able to work on dozens and dozens of projects independently on the cloud and not have to worry about file organization.”

IronOrbit’s INFINITY Workspaces, in particular, offer tremendous benefits to building an Autodesk learning environment that is both future-proof and relevant. Future-proof because there is the flexibility to conduct classes and exercises online, on-campus, or a hybrid of the two. Relevant because using INFINITY Workspaces condition students to understand exactly how to operate in real-world digital working environments. For example, a digital business has accountabilities rather than structure. While there is structure, it’s more about teams understanding the mission than having a boss telling them what to do. It’s more about component owners and not project managers. Being able to experiment and try things out quickly is critically important in a digital work environment. This worldwide shift to digital reflects the growing need for professional organizations and educational institutions to widen their scope beyond traditional disciplines to support their members and industry in an increasingly multidisciplinary future.

Recent events have shown the importance of having a resilient IT environment. IT systems have to be reliable going into a crisis to keep students on track. Building your IT infrastructure on the IronOrbit cloud will protect your learning environment from being stopped by unforeseen events. A robust educational experience can continue on or off-campus.

Because IronOrbit’s cloud computing technology delivers GPU-Accelerated virtual desktops, students experience, whether they’re on or off-campus, a no-latency blazingly fast end-user experience. This translates to increased efficiency, productivity, and a richer learning experience unhampered by any hardware limitations. Students will become inspired by technology, unleashing their imagination, and nurture a real proclivity to solving problems and anticipating innovations.

Setting up your learning center on an IronOrbit cloud environment can happen in just a few weeks. A typical INFINITY Workspaces scenario will:
• Provide each student with a personal workspace
• Replace your computer labs with an “anywhere/anytime” virtual Workspace lab
• Remote Collaboration Across Dispersed Teams is Seamless
• Students benefit from a high-end user experience without having to invest in expensive heavy-duty computers
• Continuously updated files always available
• Add or subtract the number of users easily and quickly

Current Project Files Are Always Accessible & Up to Date

One of INFINITY Workspaces’ main benefits is your data is stored securely in a data center located far away from your school or training center. Increasingly, this is becoming the preferred way for AEC firms to store their data securely. Shifting design models and moving data off distributed PCs into your data center secures mission-critical designs and IP, speeds the design process, and gives design and engineering students more work-style freedom

IronOrbit’s virtual desktops enable mobile access and secure remote collaboration for project teams in multiple locations. Project work files, such as Autodesk’s Revit and Inventor applications, can be accessed by you and your students from anywhere and on any device. Users can view and work with large 2D and 3D models without lag or delay.

Share & Collaborate on Work Seamlessly

INFINITY Workspaces make it easy for students to share AutoCAD and Revit projects. They can even collaborate on those projects at the same time. Whether you want to give someone else view-only access, or you want to collaborate with the real-time, INFINITY Workspaces make it easy.

A unique characteristic of all IronOrbit INFINITY Workspaces is the high level of control administrators have over their entire ICT environment.

Perhaps the most important thing is that IronOrbit partners with you to replicate the same collaborative work environment learners will face in work environments worldwide.

To learn more about how IronOrbit can help prepare your AutoCAD students for sustained success, please call us at 888-753-5060.