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Access your work from anywhere, on any device. With a workspace that's optimized for the healthcare applications you use every day, including...

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Key Components
Better diagnose, better communicate, and bridge the gap between you and your patients

For better patient diagnosis and communication, review all your patients’ medical records whenever you want to, from X-Rays to MRIs, securely from anywhere. The HEALTHCARE-optimized workspace gives you access to all the files, through any device.

Structure your data with better patient confidentiality

Never lose information, HEALTHCARE-optimized workspace structures your data in a secured single central common database to become useful information with all the privacy, regulatory, and security issues respected.

Secured and Compliant Transmissibility - Communicate easily with other clinicians

The HEALTHCARE-optimized workspace turns your system to a patient-focused healthcare system by securely coordinating and integrating your health systems’ databases which makes it extremely easy to collaborate and share information with other medical practitioners while respecting hospital system policy, government, and insurance companies.


Effortlessly ensure the security &
compliance of your healthcare practice,
for a low, flat monthly cost.



Blazing-fast, All-Flash/SSD Hosting; launch in 1 second.
Email Encryption, 2FA & MDM add-ons available
UNLIMITED CPU, RAM & Microsoft software upgrades
24/7/365 all-inclusive support (w/ engineering)
Highly-secure, HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, & SOC 2 compliant
99.999% uptime guarantee
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INFINITY Workspaces Block
INFINITY Workspaces Block

INFINITY Workspaces

As a busy healthcare practice, maintaining the security of your data is vital. Our INFINITY Workspaces, in particular, will provide you with industry-best security and compliance, while providing you with a powerful solution that'll allow your employees to access their work and applications from anywhere with any device.

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Case Studies

Icon Builders

Achieved newfound focus by handing off the hosting and management of a business-critical application

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OHANA Pacific Bank

Replaced their aging onsite IT with a secure cloud-based infrastructure, and never looked back

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Paul Mitchell

Achieved new unity and efficiency by consolidating its branches into a single, all-in-one cloud

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IronOrbit is the trusted cloud provider of dozens of healthcare practices. Our Platform is optimized for all of your healthcare applications, including...