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How Can IronOrbit Improve Your Ability to Provide World-Class Educational Experiences?

Whether you are looking to provide each student with a cloud-based workspace or needing a modern solution for administrative workflow, moving processes into the cloud is a proven strategy. 

Wonder What It’s Like to Work With IronOrbit? (Our Process)


We listen to what our education clients want to do with their IT systems, taking their organizational objectives and timetables into account.


We formulate a solution that addresses our client’s concerns with their current IT environment but that also enables them to pursue their next-stage goals.


We bring the required IT solutions online while being careful not to interrupt the client’s daily workflow.

Continuous, Caring Support

We pride ourselves on speedy response times and maintaining a high touch with our customers (24/7 US-based support).

Improve Collaboration Among Administrators & Lower IT Operational Costs

IronOrbit works with educational institutions of every size 

  • Public Schools
  • Charter Schools
  • Community Colleges
  • Universities
  • Educational Research Facilities

Why Work with IronOrbit for Your

Educational Technology Solutions?


Because of the way IronOrbit’s private, Tier-4 certified data centers are structured, our team can help you build the infrastructure you need as you imagine the next generation of learning methods and tools. Limitless computing power and storage opens up options that were never possible with older, in-house IT systems.


Recent events have taught the world that your IT systems have to be reliable going into a crisis if you want to respond quickly and keep your students on track. IronOrbit’s service offerings enable you to run administrative processes and teach at your school facility or remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.


Education is one of the sectors that IronOrbit has embraced because we are passionate about helping you improve the lives and the future of your students. We’re proud to play a small or supporting role in your efforts.

More IronOrbit Advantages for Educational Institutions

Our “All-in-one” ICT solution offers all of these things at a fixed monthly cost. INFINITY Workspaces.

Cost Savings

Unlimited OS Updates



Computing Capacity


Near-Zero Downtime

Computing Speed


The Benefits of Workspaces for Education


University of California

Los Angeles – UCLA

Non-persistent hosted desktops allowed it to provide IT resources to a constantly-changing user base.


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is an important government research and development institution with a yearly budget of $1.5 billion.

What Are IronOrbit

INFINITY Workspaces?

Now, more than ever, educational institutions need easily accessible and dynamic computing, communications, and collaboration capabilities. Put simply, IronOrbit INFINITY Workspaces (hosted desktops), are your computers in the cloud. And they’re optimized for what educational facilities need to accomplish.

Your applications, your files, your operating system – even your personal desktop shortcuts and settings – it’s all there for you. INFINITY Workspaces are faster and more powerful than your laptop or desktop computers and can be accessed securely via any internet-connected device.

Ready to Overcome Your Technology Roadblocks?

The ability to overcome the staggering challenges facing education technology in today’s climate is one key reason educators choose to move operations to the cloud. The most obvious reason is streamlined and budget-friendly IT costs.

In earlier days, educational facilities were hampered by antiquated on-site hardware that couldn’t be upgraded without considerable effort, red tape, and expense. Moving to the cloud solves that dilemma and empowers you and your staff to work and teach without limits. Even with decreasing budgets, the cloud can help. The cloud also offers increased productivity and a new way of educating a whole new generation.

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