Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution has taken businesses to the next level. If you have not tapped into BYOD, consider hosted virtual desktop as a jumping off point.

If you’re used to the traditional workplace environment, a hosted desktop might be foreign to you.

A hosted desktop refers to a Windows operating system, which is accessible via the Internet. It’s the clone of a Windows operating system with the same capabilities as the operating system on a PC.

This means that a hosted desktop lets you install and launch Microsoft Office applications, web browsers, and even email programs such as Microsoft Outlook.

Hosted Virtual Private Server

When looking for the right kind of server to host your company’s applications, websites, and databases you are faced with several options: physical servers, dedicated hosted servers, and virtual private servers. Physical servers tend to be expensive and difficult-to-maintain while dedicated hosted servers prove to be inefficient for most business IT requirements. Virtual Private Servers from IronOrbit, on the other hand, fulfill your organization’s need for a server that is cost-efficient, flexible, secure, low-maintenance, and high-performance.

How VPS Works

Virtualization makes it possible to divide a single physical server into multiple virtual machines. A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine with semi-permanent dimensions commonly used to host applications and store data. The virtual private server of one user cannot be accessed by the user of another VPS on the same physical server. The resources of a VPS—its CPU, RAM, storage space, and bandwidth—aren’t shared with a physical server’s other virtual servers, either (in other words, a virtual private server will always possess its allotted amount of Random-Access Memory, even if another VPS on the same physical server has maxed out its available RAM). Though a virtual private server only has so much processing power, storage capacity, and bandwidth, IronOrbit users can add or subtract computing resources from their VPS at any time.

IronOrbit Virtual Private Server Features

  • Meets your exact requirements: CPU, RAM, storage capacity, and bandwidth
  • Monitoring and maintenance of your entire IT infrastructure 24x7x365
  • Exclusive Atomic Speed Technology for superior performance
  • Orbital Security provides 4 layers of security to safeguard and protect your IT
  • 24x7x365 expert, local support: no call centers

Server Hosting Business

A Managed Solution

With IronOrbit, all you have to do is sign up and sign on. Our team of experts will make sure that your virtual private server is always up and running and accessible. They will monitor, maintain, and protect the hardware and software of your solution around-the-clock.

A Multitenant Environment, But Still Private and Secure

A virtual private server usually shares the resources of a physical server with other virtual private servers. Even in a multitenant environment, however, a user of one VPS can’t view, much less access, the VPS of another user. Our VPS can be considered as private and secure as an unshared physical server.

A Server That’s Accessible from Anywhere

Virtual private servers are web-based. As a result, administrators can monitor and control them remotely, and users can access the files, applications, emails, websites, and platforms hosted on the VPS via the Internet.

An Empty Canvas with No Limits

A virtual private server can be used to host an IT solution of any type or size and with any technical requirements. It supports applications, virtual desktops, websites, email accounts, and more. If your IT solution requires additional CPU, RAM, storage capacity, or bandwidth, simply contact IronOrbit to add more.

Benefits to Your Business

No on-site servers. There’s no purchasing or maintaining any on-site IT hardware with virtual private servers; you just sign up and sign on.

Lower IT costs. It’s a fraction of the cost to sign up for a virtual private server from IronOrbit compared to purchasing and maintaining an on-site server.

Raise employee productivity and collaboration. Employees can work from anywhere and off-site and on-site workers can collaborate with a web-based virtual private server.

Outsource management but retain control. There’s nothing beyond your visibility or control with the root-level access of a virtual private server.

Optimal performance, security, and reliability—without lifting a finger. There’s no need to hire any on-site IT personnel with one of our Virtual Private Servers; our technicians work around-the-clock to ensure that your VPS is as fast and secure as possible.