Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution has taken businesses to the next level. If you have not tapped into BYOD, consider hosted virtual desktop as a jumping off point.

If you’re used to the traditional workplace environment, a hosted desktop might be foreign to you.

A hosted desktop refers to a Windows operating system, which is accessible via the Internet. It’s the clone of a Windows operating system with the same capabilities as the operating system on a PC.

This means that a hosted desktop lets you install and launch Microsoft Office applications, web browsers, and even email programs such as Microsoft Outlook.

Your Accounting Experience, Perfected

Our QuickBooks Hosting solution is perfect for businesses that want the functionality and ease-of-use associated with Intuit’s popular program, but that don’t want to spend their time or resources installing, maintaining, and monitoring the software. IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks provides you with the same functionality as your desktop version of QuickBooks, plus all the benefits of our hosted solutions. Hosting your QuickBooks with IronOrbit allows you and your employees to securely access your financial application and data from anywhere in the world, with any Internet-enabled device.

Hosted QuickBooks by IronOrbit Benefits Include:

QuickBooks Hosting


We know that every business is unique, that is why IronOrbit can tailor your QuickBooks Hosting solution to your company’s needs. We host any version of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, and QuickBooks Premier, so that you can choose whichever version best meets your needs. Furthermore, the scalability of our Hosted QuickBooks solution allows you to start off with the exact number of deployments you need and add more as needed.

No Hassle

When you choose Hosted QuickBooks, you eliminate the hassle of having to install, update, backup, and troubleshoot the software. Our team of dedicated experts installs and monitors your company’s QuickBooks for you, and provides regular backups of your data. And with 24x7x365 comprehensive technical support, someone will always be available to help you with any problems or questions you may have.

Reduced Costs

By hosting your QuickBooks with IronOrbit, your business will see IT costs drop. You no longer have to purchase expensive servers, storage devices, or end-user devices; pay for new licenses; or hire someone to maintain your IT infrastructure. You simply pay a fixed monthly fee!

A Multi-User Environment

With our dedicated QuickBooks hosting solution, all of your company’s authorized users can access your data from anywhere. Gone are the days of having to email documents back and forth; now each user can access the exact same files wherever they are.

The Fastest Solutions

All of IronOrbit’s Hosted Solutions come equipped with Atomic Speed Technology. This unique combination of technologies, best practices, and protocols allows us to deliver the fastest QuickBooks hosting solutions around. In most cases, you can launch your Hosted QuickBooks in as little as one second. Contact us today to learn more about our QuickBooks Hosting Solutions or schedule a live demo.