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Why Take Your Applications to the Cloud?

How about accessibility from anywhere, on any device, with 100% guaranteed uptime?

Put Your Applications in the Cloud and Enjoy Superior Security, Support and Uptime



IronOrbit leverages environmental, logical and operational security to ensure that your applications are always safe and protected. Never worry about data center issues, cyber-attacks, viruses, or security breaches.

Expert Support


With a US-based team of IT experts ready to serve you 24/7, you will get up and running in no time in the event of an issue.

99.999% Guaranteed Uptime

Forget about the hassle of installations, updates and maintenance. Our hosted applications live in IronOrbit data centers and are completely managed by us.

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Cal Fasteners

“A lot of times I’ll be at home and think, ‘Man, I forgot to take care of this’. With IronOrbit I can walk into any room at home, open my laptop, and I’m suddenly at work. I can take care of whatever it is and not have to worry about it anymore. I can be anywhere in the world and be at my desk. I don’t have to back-up anything because it’s already backed up.”

Joe Truckey – Owner – Cal Fasteners

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Wonder What It’s Like to Work With IronOrbit? (Our Process)


We listen to what our clients want to do with their IT systems, taking their organizational objectives and timetables into account.


We formulate a solution that addresses our client’s concerns with their current IT environment but that also enables them to pursue their next-stage goals.


We bring the required IT solutions online while being careful not to interrupt the client’s daily workflow.

Continuous, Caring Support

We pride ourselves on speedy response times and maintaining a high touch with our customers (24/7 US-based support).

Everything You Need for a Fixed-Monthly Fee

With the All-in-One ICT Solution

For a Fixed-Monthly fee, IronOrbit provides a turnkey solution that leverages the power of the cloud for the assets that matter most.

Microsoft 365 support, 24/7 IT support, Cloud Workspaces for ALL of your users. Fast, secure, backed up and future-proof.

Your digital transformation.

  • Blazing-Fast, All-Flash/SSD Hosting; Launch In 1 Second
  • Email Encryption, 2FA & MDM Add-Ons Available
  • UNLIMITED CPU, RAM & Microsoft Software Upgrades
  • Fully Managed Including Patches & Updates
  • 24/7/365 All-Inclusive Support (W/ Engineering)
  • Highly-Secure, HIPAA, PCI DSS, & SOC 2 Compliant
  • 99.999% Uptime Guarantee
  • 100% Compatible With Windows, Apple, Linux & Android

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Our data centers are protected with environmental, logical and operational security measures, including physical access controls, biometric scanning and around-the-clock surveillance. We comply with national, international and industry security standards, and leverage the latest security technologies to keep you safe.

What Are IronOrbit

INFINITY Workspaces?

Now, more than ever, businesses need easily accessible and dynamic computing, communications, and collaboration capabilities. Put simply, IronOrbit INFINITY Workspaces (hosted desktops), are your computers in the cloud. And they are optimized for what businesses need to accomplish.

Your applications, your files, your operating system – even your personal desktop shortcuts and settings – it’s all there for you. INFINITY Workspaces are faster and more powerful than your laptop or desktop computers and can be accessed securely via any internet-connected device.

Your All-in-One ICT Solution.

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3 Strategies To Reducing Operations Cost

The world of information technology and collaboration moves fast. In fact, it’s changing at a pace most are struggling to keep up with for a variety of reasons. People want to have skills that are in demand. Businesses need to be relevant and modern. There’s also that age-old concern for all businesses. How to reduce operating costs.

Sure, we all want to adopt those amazing new cloud services. Embrace that fancy new network appliance. But how can you get there? Is it affordable? That’s the real question. We want to reduce costs, not increase it. It’s all about reducing costs. Let’s take a look at how organizations can bridge that cost gap.


SECURITY WARNING: The OpenSSL ‰ÛÏHeartbleed Bug‰Û

If you‰Ûªve ever submitted any kind of private or sensitive information to a website‰ÛÓincluding usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, addresses, and phone numbers‰ÛÓthis security alert applies to you.

This week, security researchers discovered a serious vulnerability in the OpenSSL encryption software. Two-thirds of all websites use OpenSSL, as do many email, instant messaging, and virtual private network (VPN) services.

These services use OpenSSL to establish an encrypted connection between them and the user (or between two or more users) to prevent the data transferred between the two from being intercepted.

Usually, not all of the pages on a website that uses OpenSSL are encrypted. Just the pages that require a secure connection. Like those where the users input their usernames and passwords or submit their credit card information.

The Heartbleed Bug Explained

The vulnerability in question has been nicknamed the ‰ÛÏHeartbleed Bug,‰Û since it is located in the code for the ‰ÛÏheartbeat extension,‰Û a part of OpenSSL that controls how long a secure connection can remain open.

A hacker could use this vulnerability to gain access to OpenSSL‰Ûªs encryption keys. Which could then be used to intercept and decode all data sent to and from the service.åÊ As well as steal access to any existing info stored in the service‰Ûªs databases.

Therefore, not only could a hacker with the OpenSSL encryption keys of a website intercept any data (usernames, passwords, credit card info, etc.) you send to the site after it‰Ûªs been hacked. The data that you submitted to the site in the years before the infiltration occurred is also at risk.

The first version of OpenSSL to include the ‰ÛÏHeartbleed Bug‰Û was released in December 2011. In addition, exploits of this vulnerability don‰Ûªt leave any trace. So, it‰Ûªs impossible to tell if a hacker has ever used the vulnerability to intercept or steal data from a certain website.

How to Protect Yourself From the HeartBleed Bug

The ‰ÛÏHeartbleed Bug‰Û in no way affects any of IronOrbit‰Ûªs hosted solutions, our website, or any of the systems that we use to process and store your payment information.

In general, though, here is what you need to do in order to protect yourself from this vulnerability:

  • Make sure that a site is secure before you send any of your sensitive data to it. You can use this app to check if a site has a secure version of OpenSSL.
  • Make a list of all of the websites that you‰Ûªve ever sent sensitive data to. Change your passwords for these websites only after you‰Ûªve confirmed that they are running a secure version of OpenSSL. Or alternatively, that they never used the insecure version of OpenSSL.
  • Find out if your company‰Ûªs website used or is using OpenSSL versions 1.01 through 1.01f. If it is, update OpenSSL to version 1.01g immediately. Then, replace your encryption keys, and ask any users that your site has to reset their passwords.

To ask for assistance in responding to the ‰ÛÏHeartbleed Bug‰Û or for more information, IronOrbit users should contact IronOrbit 24x7x365 technical support at [email protected] or (888) 753-5064.

IronOrbit SharePoint Application Hosting

IronOrbit Hosted SharePoint has so many advantages for the small business and for the large enterprise.

The benefits of SharePoint Application Hosting

  • Accessible (it’s aaccessible from anywhere with any Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone)
  • More secure (it’s protected by our enterprise-level Orbital Security System)
  • Cost-effective (it doesn’t require the purchase of any onsite servers or the hiring of any on-premise IT personnel)
  • Scalable (it’s possible to add users and storage to it at any time)
  • Faster and more reliable (it comes with Atomic Speed Technology and 24x7x365 infrastructure monitoring and maintenance) than a locally-installed version of Microsoft SharePoint.

With IronOrbit Hosted SharePoint, onsite employees are able to share files and collaborate with offsite workers. Meaning their colleagues at other offices, telecommuters, project partners, and contractors.

Also, businesses are able to simply add new users whenever a new person joins the organization or project. As well as add capacity to the SharePoint deployment whenever its storage space is running low.

The benefits of IronOrbit Hosted SharePoint include reduced IT costs and higher levels of productivity and collaboration.

Why SharePoint?

Meanwhile, SharePoint is just as accessible, secure, cost-effective, scalable, and reliable when deployed with IronOrbit Hosted Desktops.

The advantage of deploying SharePoint with our Hosted Desktops instead of as an Application Hosting solution, however, is that users can access all of their applications (SharePoint included) from a Hosted Desktop.

As a result, IronOrbit Hosted Desktop users are not only able to access all of the files in the SharePoint repository. But, they’re also capable of opening and utilizing these files as well. Regardless of whether they’re accessing the Virtual Desktop from a computer, thin client, or smartphone.

An Application Hosting solution user, in comparison, would only be able to open a file on SharePoint if he had an application compatible with the file installed on his device. And since desktop-level applications can’t be installed on thin clients, tablets, and smartphones, the user would only be able to open files on a PC.

The benefits of deploying SharePoint with IronOrbit Hosted Desktops therefore include:

  • More convenience. Access your SharePoint files from anywhere and with any device
  • Increased productivity. It’s like taking a fully-equipped onsite PC workstation with you everywhere you go
  • Decreased hardware costs. Access high-powered applications and terabytes of files from low-cost thin clients, netbooks, or mobile devices
  • Increased collaboration. With mobile access to all of the files and collaboration tools you need, you’re always in touch with your colleagues
  • Increased centralization. With an anywhere-accessible SharePoint, there’s no reason to save your files on a local drive that your colleagues can’t access

To deploy Microsoft SharePoint as either an Application Hosting solution or in combination with our Hosted Desktops, contact IronOrbit, a leading Application Hosting provider, at (888) 753-5060 or [email protected] today!

Customizable QuickBooks Hosting

All IronOrbit hosted solutions are customizable, including our Hosted QuickBooks solutions. Aspects of our QuickBooks Hosting solutions that can be customized include:

  • Users (the amount of)
  • Storage (the amount of)
  • Security policies
  • Authorization methods
  • Access policies

Our clients also have the ability to select the version of QuickBooks that they want IronOrbit to host for them. IronOrbit can host any current version of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, and QuickBooks Accountant.

We can also host any past edition of any QuickBooks version (QuickBooks Pro 2011, QuickBooks Pro 2012, etc.). Just in case a business prefers the features or interface of that edition of the software.

Finally, IronOrbit QuickBooks Hosting solutions are also compatible with all of the plugins for onsite versions of QuickBooks. IronOrbit users can use these plugins to add payroll, inventory, CRM, payment processing, POS, and e-commerce features to their Hosted QuickBooks deployments, thereby customizing them even further.

The customizability of a QuickBooks Hosting solution is especially important to businesses with existing onsite deployments of QuickBooks that want to be able to migrate the application to a hosted IT infrastructure without having to switch versions or lose any important features or settings.

IronOrbit QuickBooks Hosting and Enterprise QuickBooks Hosting solutions, for example, are so customizable that many businesses’ onsite versions of QuickBooks can be transferred to our hosting infrastructure without a single change.

Many hosting providers, in contrast, can’t host every version of QuickBooks; don’t offer the full desktop versions of the software; don’t support plugins; or don’t allow the users, storage, security policies, authorization methods, or access policies of a QuickBooks deployment to be customized. It’s both more difficult and less advantageous to switch from an onsite deployment to a hosted version of QuickBooks with hosting providers that don’t support customization.

Meanwhile, other benefits of the customizability of IronOrbit QuickBooks Hosting include:

  • More control over security and access policies. Businesses are able to choose the security and access policies and authorization methods of their IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks deployments. They can opt for an ultra-secure deployment (requiring strong passwords, requiring that passwords be changed every month, limiting access to approved IP addresses, etc.) or a deployment that’s as easy to access as possible (no password requirements, automatic access for approved IP addresses, etc.).
  • More control over costs. In order to reduce their costs, IronOrbit clients can deduct from their QuickBooks deployment’s users and storage capacity or downgrade to a more cost-efficient version of QuickBooks.
  • More scalability. Any amount of users and storage capacity can be added to an IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks deployment at any time. As a result, it’s easy to provide new employees with access to the application, and there’s never any danger of running out of space for the software’s inventory, CRM, or financial recordkeeping data.

In addition to QuickBooks, IronOrbit can also host any other application (Microsoft Exchange, the Microsoft Office Suite, Sage 50/Peachtree Accounting, CRMs, ERPs, EHRs/EMRs, etc.) in a way that’s equally customizable, as part of our Application Hosting Services.

For QuickBooks Hosting or Application Hosting solutions that are highly customizable and scalable and that can be adjusted to be as secure, accessible, and cost-efficient as possible, businesses should contact IronOrbit at [email protected] or (888) 753-5060 and sign up for Hosted QuickBooks from us today!

Increase Productivity with Hosted Applications

The ability of IronOrbit Application Hosting solutions like Hosted QuickBooks to increase productivity was reinforced by write-ups from the last month about mobility and telecommuting.

How Going Mobile Enhances Productivity

Recent articles in CIO Insight and InformationWeek India bore the titles “Enterprise Mobility Dominates IT Agenda in 2014” and “Mobility: Topmost on the boardroom agenda for 2014.”

The article in CIO Insight reports that 67 percent of organizations expect mobile technologies like IronOrbit Application Hosting to increase their productivity levels.

Meanwhile, in the article in InformationWeek India, Sanjay Deshmukh of Citrix (an IronOrbit partner) argues that “‘work’ is no [longer] a place we go to. It’s what we do when ever and where ever business needs to be done.”

He adds, “Mobility has become one of the key drivers for business transformation and growth.” Deshmukh also identifies “containerized” applications (virtualized, network-delivered applications, like IronOrbit QuickBooks Hosting, which always remain on the servers on which they’re installed) and desktop virtualization solutions like IronOrbit Hosted Desktops as mobile solutions that businesses need to embrace in 2014.

A Telecommuting Workforce Is a More Productive Workforce

Another mobility topic that’s trending right now is telecommuting, a subject that Brigid Schulte of the Washington Post recently wrote about in her article, “Telework, once a ‘mom perk,’ keeps government humming during snow storms.”

Telecommuting, Schulte says, has enabled government agencies like the Department of Agriculture, the General Services Agency, the Defense Information Systems Agency, and the Patent and Trademark Office to raise productivity levels and enhance employee morale. Some of the statistics that she cites to support her argument include:

  • Telecommuting saved the federal government $30 million per day during the severe snowstorms of 2009-2010, when federal employees had no choice but to work from home
  • Telecommuting is the only aspect of federal employment that has seen a continual increase in positive feedback “year after year” in surveys of employees
  • Telecommuting would save the federal government $11 billion per year in “real estate savings, productivity increases, continuity of operations, [and] a reduction in absenteeism, presenteeism [when an employee is physically present but unproductive], turnover, [and] healthcare costs” if 45 percent of federal workers telecommuted 2.5 days per week
  • Telecommuting employees processed 3.5 times more patents per year than their office-bound counterparts at the Patent and Trademark Office

QuickBooks Hosted by IronOrbit

IronOrbit QuickBooks Hosting can be accessed from anywhere with any Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone.

With IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks, employees can continue to be productive even after they leave the office (finishing an assignment while riding home on the train, for example), or they can telecommute and potentially be 3.5 times more productive and avoid work stoppages due to severe weather.

To sign up for Hosted QuickBooks, contact IronOrbit, a leading QuickBooks Hosting Provider, at [email protected] or (888) 753-5060 today!

The Extra Capabilities of IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks

When hosted with IronOrbit, QuickBooks is more accessible, cost-efficient, secure, and reliable.

IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks can be accessed from anywhere with any Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone; costs only a low, flat monthly fee; is protected from malware and hackers with firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and antivirus software; and comes with a 100% uptime guarantee.

In addition, even though the features of the onsite versions of QuickBooks and IronOrbit’s Hosted QuickBooks are the same, IronOrbit QuickBooks

Hosting is the more versatile of the two because of its anywhere-accessibility and centralization. Some of the things that IronOrbit QuickBooks Hosting Services can do that an onsite version of QuickBooks can’t include:

Serve as a centralized accounting system for enterprises

Businesses with multiple offices can use IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks as a centralized accounting system. An IronOrbit QuickBooks Hosting deployment is the same no matter who accesses it and regardless of where it’s accessed from. It can thus be used to centrally store, access, and analyze all of a business’s financial data.

Serve as a company’s primary recordkeeping and data storage platform

In addition to the extensive out-of-the-box accounting (accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing, bookkeeping, etc.), payroll, and inventory features of most versions of QuickBooks, it’s possible to add even more features to QuickBooks—including customer relationship management, supply chain management, and payment processing features— with first- and third-party plugins.

A deployment of QuickBooks augmented with plugins is preferable to separately-deployed applications with the same features because of the former’s centralization; with access to customer, supply chain, and payment data, QuickBooks is able to keep more comprehensive records and perform more accurate and complex calculations and projections.

Meanwhile, an IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks deployment modified with add-ons is able to incorporate even more data than an onsite QuickBooks deployment enhanced with plugins, since a single IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks deployment can be shared by several geographically-separated offices at once and can be accessed by offsite workers like telecommuters and delivery truck drivers.

Serve as an online workspace for freelance accountants

IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks lets freelance accountants access all of a company’s financial data without having to travel to the client’s office.

By working remotely, accountants are able to get more work done, support a larger client base, and bring in more revenue. This arrangement is also potentially more convenient and more cost-efficient for the client.

Of course, the client will have to be signed up for IronOrbit QuickBooks Hosting for this arrangement to work. To arrange for this to happen, accountants can recommend IronOrbit QuickBooks Hosting to their clients or even offer Hosted QuickBooks as a service in partnership with IronOrbit.

To turn QuickBooks into a centralized, anywhere-accessible, and highly-versatile accounting or business management platform, contact IronOrbit at [email protected] or (888) 753-5060 and sign up for our QuickBooks Hosting Services today!

Benefits of IronOrbit Collaboration Application Hosting

Collaboration software is a type of program that attempts to improve levels of communication and coordination between coworkers with features such as email, file sharing, task management, contact management, instant messaging, wikis, social networking, VoIP, and video conferencing.

The benefits of collaboration software are that it gives coworkers other ways to communicate with each other besides email and telephones; lets managers formally assign tasks to their underlings and monitor their progress; and establishes a centralized repository for all of a company’s files and contacts.

As a whole, collaboration software reduces mistakes and confusion; makes files easier to find and access; and makes businesses more efficient and productive.

The collaboration software most commonly selected by businesses include:

  • Microsoft SharePoint. Microsoft SharePoint is probably the most widely used collaboration platform. Its strengths are its flexibility, its simplicity, and cost-efficiency. It works best as a centralized document management system, though its project management and messaging features are also extensive.
  • Microsoft Lync. Compared to Microsoft SharePoint, which is focused more on documents and projects, Microsoft Lync is focused more on communication. For example, the features of Lync include instant messaging, VoIP, video conferencing, and contact management. The businesses that benefit the most from Lync are ones with a large number of employees or that have a lot of employees that work remotely, who need more ways of communicating than just email or telephone.
  • Microsoft Exchange. Exchange is more traditionally viewed as an enterprise-level email solution than as collaboration software, but it has plenty of project management (task management, shared calendars, etc.) and contact management features, too. Exchange doesn’t have a centralized file repository like SharePoint does, so it works best as a collaboration solution for teams that prefer to communicate via email and that don’t have that many documents.
  • IBM Notes and IBM Sametime. IBM Notes and IBM Sametime are basically IBM’s versions of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Lync, respectively. One advantage that Notes has over SharePoint is the fact that it’s also an email client. On the other hand, it’s easier to customize SharePoint and integrate it with other applications. Meanwhile, IBM argues that Sametime is less expensive, has more features (chat logs, screen captures, spell checker, and 1080p video conferencing), and has a simpler back-end infrastructure than Lync. Others prefer Lync for its more unified interface and because it does a better job of conserving bandwidth.

The best way to deploy these collaboration solutions is to host them with IronOrbit. The advantages of IronOrbit Application Hosting include:

  • Anywhere-accessibility. IronOrbit Hosted Applications (SharePoint Hosting, QuickBooks Hosting, etc.) are web-based and can be accessed from anywhere with any Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone. This ensures that employees are able to access their collaboration solutions regardless of whether they’re at the office or not, and gives everyone in an organization (including offsite contractors and employees that work primarily at a company’s branch office or from home) the ability to access the same centralized collaboration solution.
  • Security, backups, and support are included. IronOrbit Hosted Applications are protected with Orbital Security (firewalls, IDS/IPS, antivirus, and spam and content filter), are backed up a regular basis, and come with 24x7x365 all-inclusive technical support.
  • Speed and reliability. IronOrbit Application Hosting solutions are as fast and responsive as locally-installed applications and are backed with a 100% uptime guarantee—so employees always have access to their files, contacts, and project information stored in the collaboration solution.

Sign up for our Collaboration Application Hosting solutions by contacting us at (888) 753-5060 or [email protected] today!

Why Select IronOrbit Hosted Applications

IronOrbit Hosted Applications are fast, secure, reliable, scalable, anywhere-accessible, and cost-efficient.

Reasons, why businesses should select IronOrbit Hosted Applications over the alternatives, include:

Our Hosted Applications are customizable

We can host any application, including software customized with plugins or add-ons and programs that are only compatible with outdated or non-standard operating systems such as Windows XP and Linux.

Other aspects of our Hosted Applications that can be customized include the number of users, the amount of storage space, authentication methods, and security and access policies.

Our Application Hosting solutions are also scalable, so it’s possible to add any amount of users or storage space to them at any time, even after they’ve already been deployed.

Our Hosted Applications come with enterprise-level security and support

hosted applications solutions

We include more security, support, and disaster recovery features with our Hosted Applications than any other hosting provider.

All IronOrbit Managed Applications come with Orbital Security (which includes not only firewalls, gateway antivirus, and content filtering, but also 24x7x365 alarm monitoring at our datacenters), 24x7x365 all-inclusive technical support, and managed data backups. These services are included in the low, flat monthly fee that we charge for our Hosted Applications.

In contrast, many of our competitors charge extra for these high-level services, while others don’t offer them at all. In addition, though it’s actually pretty common for hosting providers to offer 24x7x365 technical support, it isn’t the same kind of in-depth, personalized, or all-inclusive technical support that IronOrbit provides (our technicians are all CompTIA A+ certified, fluent in either English or both English and Spanish, and will provide technical support for a business’s entire IT infrastructure, even with hardware like scanners, printers, and monitors that have only an indirect connection to our solutions).

We host our solutions on dedicated servers

All of our Application Hosting solutions are provided with their own private physical server or servers. Therefore, our Hosted Applications deployments don’t have to share the same physical server with other deployments, as in a multitenant environment.

Generally, applications hosted on a dedicated (or single-tenant) server are more secure, reliable, and powerful, because with a dedicated server access is more limited and the application is provided with more stable and a larger amount of processing and storage resources.

Our Application Hosting solutions are as fast and responsive as locally-installed software

Though the hosted applications of other companies are noticeably slower and less responsive than locally-installed applications, IronOrbit Hosted Applications perform as well as or better than on-premise software.

That’s because we use intuitive, trend-based disk I/O caching and packet prioritization technologies (among other components of our SMX Speed Technology™ -based hosting architecture) to maximize the performance and minimize the network latency of our Hosted Applications.

To see for yourself what separates IronOrbit Application Hosting from the competition, fill out this brief form or contact us at [email protected] or (888) 753-5060 for a FREE demo!

Why Switch from Onsite to Hosted QuickBooks

IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks is a fully-managed web-based version of QuickBooks.

Instead of being installed on an onsite PC workstation or server, IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks is deployed on the servers in our datacenters. It is monitored, maintained, protected, and backed up on a continuous basis by our technicians.

IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks can be accessed from anywhere with any Internet-connected computer, thin client, tablet, or smartphone.

The Benefits of Opting for QuickBooks Hosting with IronOrbit include:

  • It doesn’t require the purchase or maintenance of any onsite servers
  • It comes standard with 24x7x365 technical support; a PCI DSS-, SOX-, and GLBA-compliant IT security system; managed data backups; and a 100% uptime guarantee
  • Even with the support, security, and backup services included, IronOrbit QuickBooks Hosting solutions cost only a low, flat monthly fee

There are no downsides to switching to IronOrbit QuickBooks Hosting from a locally-installed version of QuickBooks because:

  • IronOrbit can host any version of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Accountant, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise.
  • The versions of QuickBooks that IronOrbit host are the same as the ones that businesses would install on the hard drives of employees’ PCs or on terminal servers—so IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks has all of the same features and capabilities as a locally-installed version of QuickBooks, including the ability to support add-ons or plugins like these.
  • In addition, companies that already have software licenses for their locally-installed versions of QuickBooks can simply transfer these licenses to their IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks deployment—it’s not necessary for them to purchase new QuickBooks software licenses when switching to IronOrbit QuickBooks Hosting, and we don’t charge any upgrade or conversion fees for the transferring of the licenses.
  • The actual process of switching from an onsite QuickBooks deployment to IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks is fast (we can migrate any onsite IT solution to the cloud within 30 days, guaranteed), easy (our engineers take care of everything, migrating businesses’ onsite data to our servers and setting up and deploying the solution), cost-effective (we charge only a small, one-time fee for our setup process), and non-disruptive (businesses will be able to access their onsite version of QuickBooks throughout the setup process, and we will only migrate data outside of a company’s normal business hours to keep from slowing down the company’s network and infrastructure).

To switch to IronOrbit QuickBooks Hosting, contact one of our helpful sales representatives at [email protected] or (888) 753-5060 today! Also, our Application Hosting platform supports any application, so feel free to contact IronOrbit if you’re interested in switching any of your locally-installed applications besides QuickBooks to the cloud as well.