Day: June 30, 2023

Embrace Rapid IT Transformation with Cloud Computing

Over a decade ago, companies recognized the tremendous potential cloud computing had to revolutionize IT operations. It was in 2010 when Gartner reported cloud computing as one of the most crucial technology focus areas. Again, more recently, a 2023 Gartner report found that the best time to develop a cloud strategy would have been years ago. The second-best time is now.

Yet many business leaders still wonder how critical moving their IT environment to the cloud is for the future of their company. 

One of the main drivers behind the decision to move to the cloud is to benefit from having a modern infrastructure. While digital transformation is a long journey, moving your IT environment is an essential first step. Cloud computing can also be insured against the unexpected.



Lacking IT agility because of lengthy equipment and software installation processes keeps business operations cumbersome when business speed and fluidity are necessary. Products and services have to be delivered quickly and at a minimal cost.

Cloud computing offers real business value by providing immediate access to computational resources. And these resources can be tailored to fit a variety of specific needs.


5 Aspects of Cloud Computing 
Cloud computing has five characteristics distinguishing it from on-premises servers:  

1. On-Demand Self-Service 
Allows business units to get computing resources without going through IT for equipment.

2. Broad Network Access 
Build, deploy, and access applications that align with using multiple devices and mobility.

3. Resource Pooling 
Pull together computer resources to fit a range of use cases and serve multiple consumers simultaneously.

4. Rapid Elasticity 
With no downtime or impact on Capital Expenses, cloud environments allow for quick scalability up or down.

5. Flexible Pricing 
Align your IT expenses with your business success—no hidden fees or charges based on usage, unlike other cloud providers. Instead, enjoy a predictable monthly fee.


One of the most significant and obvious benefits of having your IT environment on the cloud is its agility, which is no small benefit. Let’s look at real-world examples and highlight the key characteristics of cloud computing and its ability to empower organizations to respond swiftly to disruptive challenges and seize new business opportunities.


Like other non-profit organizations, the Museum of Latin American Art requires business continuity to serve its community. When the COVID-19 pandemic started in March 2020, the executive team at MOLAA immediately started looking at ways for its staff to work and collaborate from home. They needed to move its servers, files, and working documents into a virtual cloud environment where everyone on the team could access them.

Workforce communication isn’t the only area improved by IronOrbit’s cloud services. It substantially enhances data protection on multiple levels. Data stored on the cloud is encrypted, making it safer than other hosting solutions. Furthermore, IronOrbit utilized next-generation antivirus and AI-enabled endpoint detection and response (EDR) coupled with around-the-clock monitoring by security teams. This robust cybersecurity framework gave Macro Z Technology peace of mind and catapulted them ahead of competing contractors.


MacroZ Technology 
Macro Z Technology, a leading software solutions provider, recognized the necessity of getting ahead of NIST compliance requirements. To ensure their systems remained secure and compliant, they made a strategic move to migrate their entire IT infrastructure to the cloud with the help of IronOrbit. This decision allowed them to surpass NIST compliance and provided a significant competitive advantage through fortified cybersecurity measures. By adopting IronOrbit’s cloud-based infrastructure, Macro Z Technology witnessed remarkable improvements in its cybersecurity posture, safeguarding its intellectual property, customer data, and critical assets through advanced security measures like encryption protocols and round-the-clock monitoring. The success of Macro Z Technology exemplifies the transformative power of embracing cloud computing for a resilient cybersecurity framework, ultimately driving business success in an era where threats loom, and opportunities arise rapidly.

The ever-increasing pace of business and data security needs an IT environment to keep pace. Traditional IT approaches won’t be able to do it. Having your entire IT on-premises will work for a short time. But eventually, you’ll realize how much conventional on-premises IT hobbles your business growth and resiliency sooner or later.

Embracing the cloud empowers businesses to break free from limitations, fostering rapid innovation, enhanced collaboration, and seamless remote work for long-term success in the digital world.


Its advanced security measures, robust encryption, and constant monitoring ensure the safety of critical assets against evolving cyber threats.  

Tap into the Power of Cloud Computing 
If you’d like more information about how your company can benefit from moving its IT infrastructure to the cloud, don’t hesitate to contact one of our consultants now.