Day: March 4, 2019

Hosted Desktops for Travel Agencies: The Benefits

In a previous article, “Hosted Desktops for Travel Agencies: The Features,” we talked about the features of hosted desktops that are most relevant to travel agencies.

Now, in today’s article, we’re going to talk about how travel agencies can benefit from signing up for hosted desktops.

The main benefits of hosted desktops to travel agencies are that they:

  • Allow travel agencies to become better businesses overall—more streamlined, efficient, and agile and better coordinated
  • Allow travel agencies to serve their customers better
  • Provide travel agencies with a competitive advantage over agencies with different IT setups

How They Turn Travel Agencies into Better Overall Businesses

Let’s start with the first point, how hosted desktops make travel agencies better businesses overall.

Hosted desktops are accessible from anywhere with any Internet-connected computer, tablet, smartphone, or thin client.

They’re also highly centralized, and even a large deployment of thousands of hosted desktops can be managed relatively easily from the hosting provider’s online management portal.

Furthermore, hosted desktops are scalable, so you can add or delete any amount of hosted desktops at any time. The setup, management (including backups and security), and maintenance of the hosted desktops is mostly the responsibility of the hosted desktop provider.

Hosted desktops allow travel agencies to provide all of their employees with access to all of the applications they need, no matter where these employees are located.

This makes it easier for the travel agencies to open offices in new locations, as well as hire employees that work from home.

Which may allow the travel agency to hire employees located in other states or countries that are more talented and/or will accept lower wages than locally-based workers. Subsequently, it also helps the travel agencies minimize their real estate costs. But, without decentralizing the agencies’ IT.

Security and scalability for travel companies

Hosted desktops are highly centralized and are secured and maintained by the hosting provider. They are safe from expensive and highly-disruptive security breaches and downtime and data loss incidents.

The scalability of hosted desktops makes it easier for travel companies to add and subtract employees. Which in turn allows them to easily add temporary workers during the busy travel seasons.

As well as permanently increase their workforce without having to worry about stuck with a bunch of expensive, unused hardware if the expansion doesn’t work out.

Also with hosted desktops, travel agencies can put all of their internal resources and focus into providing travel services to their clients and not have to worry about setting up, managing, or maintaining their IT.

Most hosted desktop providers will set up, manage, and maintain your desktops for you. It also costs much less than it would cost you to hire your own IT employees.

Hosted desktops make monitoring and managing employees easier. This is possible because supervisors can monitor and control the desktops via the hosting company’s online administrative portal. It’s where they can check if an employee logs in to his or her desktop, reset passwords, block access, etc.

The applications which employees get to install on their websites and what websites they can visit also depends on the Supervisors.

Hosted Desktops for Travel Agencies Allow Businesses to Better Serve their Customers and Give Them a Competitive Advantage over Other Agencies

Of course, hosted desktops making travel agencies better businesses overall also improves their ability to serve their customers. And provide them with a competitive advantage over agencies that don’t use hosted desktops.

Hosted desktops also improve travel agencies’ ability to serve their customers by being more reliable. Your hosting provider manages and maintains them 24x7x365. This capability minimizes downtime and allows the agencies to provide 24x7x365 travel services.

In addition, the anywhere-accessibility of hosted desktops allows the travel agency to hire more agents in more locations. This helps improve customer satisfaction by allowing customers to get travel planning services in person (which some consumers prefer).

Or by allowing customers to get travel support after normal working hours. Since the travel agency will be able to hire travel agents in different time zones or overseas, ensuring that there will always be a travel agent available at all times of the day.

Meanwhile, the market for travel agency services has shrunk significantly over the decade or so. This is because most consumers now plan vacations and make reservations themselves using self-booking sites like Hotwire or Priceline.


Hosted desktops can help them gain a competitive advantage in a difficult market by:

  • Increasing their agents’ productivity (with anywhere-accessibility and support for multiple offices and telecommuting)
  • Maximizing their availability and responsiveness to customers (by minimizing downtime)
  • And making it easier for them to adapt (by being scalable)

To get the process of signing up for hosted desktops started, travel agencies should contact your preferred IT hosting company.