Day: October 19, 2018

Intuit QuickBooks

Your Accounting Experience, Perfected

Our QuickBooks Hosting solution is perfect for businesses that want the functionality and ease-of-use associated with Intuit’s popular program, but that don’t want to spend their time or resources installing, maintaining, and monitoring the software. IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks provides you with the same functionality as your desktop version of QuickBooks, plus all the benefits of our hosted solutions. Hosting your QuickBooks with IronOrbit allows you and your employees to securely access your financial application and data from anywhere in the world, with any Internet-enabled device.

Hosted QuickBooks by IronOrbit Benefits Include:

QuickBooks Hosting


We know that every business is unique, that is why IronOrbit can tailor your QuickBooks Hosting solution to your company’s needs. We host any version of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, and QuickBooks Premier, so that you can choose whichever version best meets your needs. Furthermore, the scalability of our Hosted QuickBooks solution allows you to start off with the exact number of deployments you need and add more as needed.

No Hassle

When you choose Hosted QuickBooks, you eliminate the hassle of having to install, update, backup, and troubleshoot the software. Our team of dedicated experts installs and monitors your company’s QuickBooks for you, and provides regular backups of your data. And with 24x7x365 comprehensive technical support, someone will always be available to help you with any problems or questions you may have.

Reduced Costs

By hosting your QuickBooks with IronOrbit, your business will see IT costs drop. You no longer have to purchase expensive servers, storage devices, or end-user devices; pay for new licenses; or hire someone to maintain your IT infrastructure. You simply pay a fixed monthly fee!

A Multi-User Environment

With our dedicated QuickBooks hosting solution, all of your company’s authorized users can access your data from anywhere. Gone are the days of having to email documents back and forth; now each user can access the exact same files wherever they are.

The Fastest Solutions

All of IronOrbit’s Hosted Solutions come equipped with Atomic Speed Technology. This unique combination of technologies, best practices, and protocols allows us to deliver the fastest QuickBooks hosting solutions around. In most cases, you can launch your Hosted QuickBooks in as little as one second. Contact us today to learn more about our QuickBooks Hosting Solutions or schedule a live demo.

Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp Hosting

Citrix Servers

Citrix XenApp

Hosting applications on a shared server is much more efficient than the old-fashioned method of deploying applications. Installing applications individually on each employee’s computer used to be the only way but now, a multi-user hosted application only has to be installed once, and it’s easier to manage, secure, and back up due to its centralization. But simply installing an application on a server won’t magically turn it into a hosted application; this is where Citrix XenApp comes into play, transforming applications into hosted applications.

Citrix XenDesktop

Applications are not the only aspect of computing that becomes more efficient and secure by being hosted on a shared server. Your desktop operating system can be centrally hosted and accessed as well. Like with applications, it’s easier to manage, secure, and back up operating systems that are consolidated onto a single server. What’s more, they can be accessed from devices without a desktop-level OS, including thin clients (low-cost, modem-sized, hard drive-less computers), tablets, and smartphones.

Citrix Servers by IronOrbit Features Include:

Citrix XenDesktop

Accessible from Anywhere

Citrix Servers let you access your applications and/or virtual desktops from anywhere with any web-enabled device (including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones).


Choose between XenApp and XenDesktop, host any application you want (including legacy apps), and scale up to any amount of users, processing power, storage capacity, or bandwidth.


We provide 24x7x365 technical support, around-the-clock performance monitoring, Orbital Security (including firewall, antivirus, IPS/IDS, and content filter), and automated data backups with your Citrix Server.

Stay in Control and Forget the Hassles

There are a few downsides to managing your hosted applications or hosted desktops yourself. The costs and hassles of managing your own IT infrastructure can overshadow the advantages. It takes large amounts of time to monitor and maintain the infrastructure; furthermore, repairs and replacements of the hardware and software can be expensive.

Fortunately, there’s a way to outsource the management of your IT infrastructure but still maintain control over your hosted applications and/or hosted desktops—by signing up for the Citrix Servers of IronOrbit.

Reasons to Switch to IronOrbit Citrix Servers

Stay in control. You have just as much control over and access to your applications and virtual desktops as you would if you were hosting them yourself.

Keep your focus on your applications and virtual desktops. We will take care of building, managing, and maintaining the infrastructure. No on-site servers or IT personnel required. All you have to pay is a low, fixed monthly fee, we take care of all the expensive parts— purchasing, repairing, and replacing hardware and hiring technical support personnel.

No drop in performance, security, and reliability. IronOrbit hosted solutions are faster, more secure, and reliable than on-site solution thanks to our Atomic Speed Technology, Orbital Security, and dedicated team of experts.

Contact us today to learn more about Citrix Severs by IronOrbit.

Eco-Friendly Green IT Alternative

Go Green with IronOrbit

We’re living in the era of green technology. As the world becomes more populated, the need for environmentally-friendly technology is increasing, with electric cars, solar power and wind turbines being among the more commonly cited examples.

One of the most important (yet overlooked) green technologies is cloud servers. The cloud helps to reduce waste, carbon emissions and electrical consumption, by reducing business’ reliance on physical infrastructure.

At IronOrbit, we pride ourselves on moving the green revolution forward, by providing environmentally-friendly cloud technologies to businesses. By hosting your servers with us, you will reduce your carbon footprint as well as your waste output, giving you good karma (as well as considerable savings).

The Top 5 Ways IronOrbit Green Solutions Save Money (And The Planet)

Cloud Benefits Environment

Less waste. By hosting your servers and desktops with IronOrbit, you’ll reduce the physical assets (computers, servers, etc) stored in your office, lessening the waste and pollution generated by your business.

Less power consumption. Cloud servers take advantage of economies of scale, reducing power consumption by storing key infrastructure in one location. In addition, the superior scalability of the cloud means you will never use more server resources than needed, thereby reducing your carbon footprint.

Lower vehicle emissions. With IronOrbit, employees can access their files and applications from anywhere in the world. This reduces the number of times they have to commute to the office, which in turn reduces carbon emissions.

Superior hardware efficiency. Cloud infrastructure increases CPU utilization, which reduces per-unit power consumption by ensuring that computers are not wasting electricity when idle.

Better space usage. Cloud infrastructure uses space efficiently, storing servers and other IT assets in one centralized location. This means less space needed for storage, and more room for mother nature to breathe.

What Studies Show…

A recent study led by the WSP Environment & Energy and the National Resources Defense Council indicates that cloud infrastructures are more environmentally friendly than traditional on-premise systems.

The report concluded that even the least environmentally friendly cloud infrastructure would produce less than half the carbon emissions of the average on-premise system. This is great news for our planet and the protection of our waterways!