Month: October 2017

Our Technology Partners

The best cloud services are built on the best software.

Bringing You The Best Cloud Services From The World’s Best IT Software Developers

No IT business is an island. The hallmark of any great IT service provider is the ability to strategically partner with other businesses to deliver the best technology solutions to clients, combining industry-standard tools with standards and practices developed in-house.

At IronOrbit, we have partnered with the best software suppliers in the industry, leveraging best-in-class enterprise technologies and bolstering them with our own proprietary technology, experience and ingenuity. The end result is an IT ecosystem that fires on all cylinders, delivering fast performance, unbeatable uptime, and rock-solid security.


IronOrbit uses Cisco technologies and services to ensure the best possible performance and reliability in all hosted services across all of our datacenters.

We leverage Citrix XenDesktop to set up fully-functional and cost-efficient IT infrastructure in a matter of minutes, and build custom infrastructures on demand, built to your specifications.

VMware’s ESX hypervisor is a server virtualization tool that lets you consolidate your applications on less hardware. We use VMware’s resource-distributing, server maximizing, and multi-tenant features to build scalable, high-performance hosted solutions.

IronOrbit integrates enterprise-level IBM hardware in our data centers to build efficient and reliable cloud infrastructure. Some IBM technologies we employ include the IBMz System and IBM Blade Center hardware.

We utilize Microsoft products in our hosted solutions and infrastructure, including Microsoft Office, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2012. Thanks to our long term partnership with Microsoft we are able to offer the company’s products to our clients at below-market prices.

SMX Speed Technology™ is a proprietary mix of best practices, protocols and technologies which predictively self-tune to deliver optimal performance under any load or network condition. Active user data and application processes are cached into high-speed memory pools, enhancing the response time of the hosted services.

We use Barracuda to provide email spam filtering and encryption services for our clients, ensuring that only authorized recipients can access an email and its attachments. This service helps clients satisfy compliance requirements as they pertain to a number of important federal regulations.

IronOrbit uses Duo Security for two-factor authentication. Their unique high-availability architecture provides centralized management and interactive secondary login through an intuitive web interface, seamlessly integrating with IronOrbit’s existing security measures.

On-Premise Support

When a problem can’t be solved on the phone, our service trucks are standing by to provide the hands-on help you need.

There When You Need Us… Literally

Let’s face it:

Sometimes, phone support just isn’t enough. Even with the best remote support techs in the world, you will occasionally run into an issue that you can’t resolve. In these situations, on-site support is urgently needed.

Unlike many IT companies, we offer full on-site support nationwide. We operate a fleet of mobile support trucks, enabling us to provide personalized, on-site service to our clients when an issue just can’t be resolved over the phone.

It’s all part of our commitment to offering truly comprehensive, next-level service to our clients.
Our On-Site Support Services Include:
Traditional PC Support
Thin Client Support
Peripheral Connectivity Support
Network Connectivity Support
Live On-Site Support
And Much, Much More

Migration Support

When it comes time to migrate your IT assets to the cloud, you have a number of questions to ask yourself. What am I going to migrate? How long will it take? Will there be any downtime or service disruptions? How much will it cost?

At IronOrbit, we have designed our data migration service to give you the most seamless migration experience possible. Our in-depth planning and migration tools help us move all of your applications, data, emails and user profiles to the cloud as quickly as possible. In the past decade, we have helped thousands of clients migrate their servers, desktops and applications to the cloud. All of the migrations we have undertaken have been successful.

If you’re considering migrating all or some of your IT assets, give us a call. An easy, effortless migration is just a quick chat away.

Frictionless Migration Guaranteed
At IronOrbit, we pride ourselves on offering the most seamless and frictionless migration in the business. Our migration process involves no interruptions or downtime; all of your applications will be available on your local server while the migration is taking place. We make every effort to complete your migration quickly; in the entire history of our business, no migration has ever taken longer than 30 days, not even large migrations involving hundreds of terabytes of data.

No interruption of day-to-day tasks
Continuous access to applications
High security guaranteed
Expert migration support
Cost-efficient process
30-Day Zero Gravity Migration

Zero Gravity Migration In Thirty Days Or Less
When you choose IronOrbit as your hosting provider, our dedicated team of experts will seamlessly transfer your important files, applications and data to your private cloud. During the migration process (which can take as little as just a few hours depending on the size and scope of the migration), you will not experience any downtime or slowdowns; all of your programs and data will remain accessible so that you can conduct your day-to-day business as usual. We guarantee that your complete migration from on-premise to IronOrbit will take 30 days or less.

Current IT Assestment

1.Assess Applications

2.Assess Network

3.Assess Security
Build New Infrastructure

1.Build Desktops

2.Build Servers

3.Build Security
Application Migration

1.Install Applications

2.Test Functionality
Data Migration

1.Create Data Structure

2.Migrate Current Data
Go Live

1.Synchronize Live Data

2.User Training

3.Provide 24/7 Support

1.Auto Scaling

2.Infrastructure Automation

3.High Availability

4.Disaster Recovery

Zero Gravity Migration Included In The Price
The setup and migration fees of other hosted solutions can be quite costly, but IronOrbit fully managed migrations are included as part of the price of our solutions. Our engineers handle the entire process of migrating your data, applications and files to servers in our state-of-the-art data centers.

Why Migrate To IronOrbit ?

24/7 Migration Support

Our US-based team of IT experts are ready to serve you 24/7 throughout your migration process. If you have any questions, concerns or problems, the solution is just a phone call away.

Increased Post-Migration Access

Migrating to the cloud massively increases the accessibility of your devices. This means you can access them from anywhere using any Internet-enabled device.

Comprehensive Migration Security

During the migration process, we take the utmost care with your security. To that end, we have developed an advanced set of security protocols, including firewalls, antivirus, content filtering and patch management to protect your infrastructure.

Customizable Migration Plans

At IronOrbit, we understand that every business is unique; that is why all of our hosted solutions are fully customizable. Our team can design and implement a solution that fits the needs of your business.

IronOrbit Administrator Portal

Giving You Complete Control Over Every Aspect Of Your Cloud Infrastructure

It’s one thing to have your IT assets hosted in the cloud. It’s quite another to have complete control over your cloud infrastructure. The portal gives you the “keys to the kingdom,” letting you manage and control everything from user accounts and permissions to mobile devices and desktops. Completely customize your cloud infrastructure from one convenient interface.
User Management
The portal lets you instantly control any user account settings you wish, for any application in your IT ecosystem. Easily create and remove users, issue and reset passwords and manage user security access levels from your control panel.

Create/Remove Users

Manage Passwords

Security Access Management

Microsoft Exchange Management

Microsoft Exchange Management gives you Complete control over all the applications in your ecosystem. From the control panel, you can set up forwarding and distribution groups, manage user security, and manage any mobile devices used to access your hosted infrastructure.

Forwarding & Distribution Group Management
User Security Management
Mobile Device Management

Desktop Management

The portal gives you complete control over your desktops and applications. With the click of a button, you can provision new desktops on demand, restart or shut down users’ desktops, and manage any applications are running on your systems. Otherwise known as Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS).

Provision New Desktops

Restart a User’s Desktop

Configure Applications

SMX Speed Technology™

Embedded GPU acceleration for
3D & CAD applications.

SMX Speed Technology™: IronOrbit’s own stack of protocols and technologies for the fastest desktop experience.

When it comes to technology, speed is everything. Every minute you spend waiting on a file to transfer, a site to load, or an app to start, is a minute you aren’t doing what you want to be. At IronOrbit, we have invested significant resources into ensuring the fastest possible performance in all your cloud-hosted IT assets. The end product of our relentless commitment to speed and performance is SMX Speed Technology™.

SMX Speed Technology™ is a proprietary stack of best practices, protocols and technologies designed to deliver blazingly fast performance across all of our hosted services. Key components of the SMX Speed Technology™ stack include intuitive, trend-based disk I/O caching and network optimization algorithms that predictively self-tune to deliver optimal performance under any load or network condition.

SMX Speed Technology™ is included with all IronOrbit hosted services, enhancing the performance of your IT infrastructure without compromising on security, uptime or cost effectiveness.

Key Components
Embedded GPU Technology
IronOrbit’s embedded Graphics Processing Units (GPU) are designed to accelerate a seamless experience for high demand workloads such as 3D modeling, 3D Renderings and other intensive CAD functionality.

SMX™ Stream Networking
SMX™ Stream Networking dramatically boosts network performance by choosing the optimal path for all network traffic. SMX™ Stream leverages real-time performance metrics to determine the fastest route for your traffic, ensuring maximum file transfer speed and lightning-fast load times. The entire process is automated, allowing fast re-routing of traffic around major network outages and 24/7 performance monitoring.

SMX™ SureStart
SMX™ SureStart is IronOrbit’s proprietary solution for lightning-fast connectivity and “any device” accessibility. With SMX™ SureStart, you can access any desktop or application, from any device, under any network condition. SMX™ SureStart technology leverages remote display protocols to optimize the reliability and performance of Orbital hosted virtual desktops and applications under any network condition, and delivers them in less than five seconds from login, whether you’re on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

SMX Speed Technology™ is a proprietary stack of technologies, protocols
and best practices that we use to deliver blazing fast performance.

Blazingly fast & responsive hosted services
Seamless audio and video streaming
Applications launch almost instantly
Enhances both Citrix HDX and Microsoft RemoteFX
Same performance and speed from any device
Low latency across all network conditions

SMX Speed Technology™ : Included With Any IronOrbit Hosted Service
All of our hosted services are equipped with SMX Speed Technology™ to enhance the performance of our hosted platform without compromising benefits such as security, uptime and cost effectiveness.


24/7/365 Support

Complete support for your applications and infrastructure.

Support That’s There For You When You Need It
With over 500 certifications in technology, our highly trained and experienced technicians are fully accredited in all areas of cloud-hosted IT. Our team is available 24/7 to help you with any technical issues you’re experiencing.

Personal Support : We assign a dedicated support team who will provide knowledgeable and personal service.

Rapid Resolutions : We provide quick resolutions to all technical issues, with a goal of complete resolution on the first phone call.

Taking Ownership : We take ownership of any issues including local Internet or application specific issues.

US-Based Support : Our support team is based right here in the USA, guaranteeing clear and personable service 24x7x365.

Rapid Escalation : We have senior engineers standing by to take calls pertaining to the most complex technical issues.

In The Loop : We provide support updates and upgrades on an ongoing basis to keep you future-proofed.

IronOrbit Support : Light Years Ahead Of Your Problem

Most Operating Systems
A-Z of Office Applications
Hardware & Networks
Peripherals & Connectivity
Mobile Devices
Rare & Custom Software




From design and deployment to support and maintenance, IronOrbit DaaS clouds are the fully managed desktop solution.

Private DaaS Clouds Built To Specification
IronOrbit’s Desktop-As-A-Service takes desktop hosting to the next level. In addition to all the advantages of a hosted desktop, you will enjoy the full benefit of having all your backend responsibilities managed by IronOrbit’s team of experts. Coverage includes storage, backup, security, maintenance, upgrades and more.