Month: February 2014

Infographic: Protect Your Data with Hosted Desktops

Cybercrime costs businesses in the United States an average of $100 billion per year. Each security breach costs American businesses an average of $5,403,644, or $136 per record or unit of data stolen. To guarantee protection from costly security breaches like these, businesses can either spend the equivalent of several times their yearly IT budget on an advanced data protection system, or for a low, flat monthly fee they can sign up for IronOrbit hosted desktops, which we monitor 24x7x365 and protect with firewalls, IDS/IPS, antivirus software, and a content filter. To switch to IronOrbit hosted desktops today, contact us at [email protected] or (888) 753-5060 meanwhile, to learn more about how hosted desktops are more secure than a typical onsite IT infrastructure, check out our latest infographic:


Hosted Desktops: IronOrbit Mac OS and iOS Compatibility

IronOrbit Hosted Desktops are IT solutions that appear and perform the same as locally-installed Windows desktop operating systems. They are accessible from anywhere with any computer, thin client, tablet, or smartphone that has an internet connection.

This holds true even for devices that aren’t normally compatible with Windows operating systems or applications. These include any device manufactured by Apple—namely Macs, iPads, and iPhones.

Ways that businesses can take advantage of the compatibility of IronOrbit Hosted Desktop with Apple computers, tablets, and smartphones include:

Provide Mac users with access to Windows applications.

Some Windows applications (including Microsoft Access, Microsoft OneNote, and Microsoft Publisher) can’t be installed on Mac computers. And Mac versions of applications like are usually missing many of the newer and more advanced features of the Windows versions. Microsoft hasn’t released a new version of Microsoft Office for Mac since 2010, for example. Businesses could, therefore, use IronOrbit Hosted VDIs to provide employees with Mac computers with access to important Windows applications.

Implement a more centralized and manageable IT infrastructure.

Deploying these applications on IronOrbit Hosted Desktops results have important advantages.  It results in more centralized, secure, and manageable IT infrastructure than installing them separately on each device. Even if it’s possible to directly install all of a business’s applications on all of its employees’ devices.

Each IronOrbit Hosted Desktop deployment involves consolidation onto a small number of interconnected servers. These servers handle all of the processing and storage requirements of the Hosted Desktops. Except for the video and audio of the Hosted Desktop that’s streamed to the user’s device, no data from the Hosted Desktops is ever transferred off of our servers.

We protect these servers with 24x7x365 security monitoring and our Orbital Security System (firewalls, IDS/IPS, antivirus, and content filtering). Also, the centralization of IronOrbit Hosted Desktops enables businesses to install or update applications on all of the desktops of a Hosted VDI deployment with just a few clicks.

Provide iPad and iPhone users with access to Windows applications.

There are other ways to access Windows-only applications on Mac computers than just with IronOrbit Hosted Desktops, but they’re slower and more expensive than our solutions; and in any case, they don’t work with iPads or iPhones. IronOrbit Hosted Desktops, on the other hand, is accessible from any of the Apple tablets or smartphones.

It’s been 30 years since the first Mac computer was introduced by Apple—and what better way to celebrate that milestone than for businesses to contact IronOrbit at [email protected] or (888) 753-5060, sign up for our Desktop Virtualization, Server Virtualization, or Application Hosting solutions, and extend the availability of their critical Windows applications to all of their Apple devices!

IronOrbit SharePoint Application Hosting

IronOrbit Hosted SharePoint has so many advantages for the small business and for the large enterprise.

The benefits of SharePoint Application Hosting

  • Accessible (it’s aaccessible from anywhere with any Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone)
  • More secure (it’s protected by our enterprise-level Orbital Security System)
  • Cost-effective (it doesn’t require the purchase of any onsite servers or the hiring of any on-premise IT personnel)
  • Scalable (it’s possible to add users and storage to it at any time)
  • Faster and more reliable (it comes with Atomic Speed Technology and 24x7x365 infrastructure monitoring and maintenance) than a locally-installed version of Microsoft SharePoint.

With IronOrbit Hosted SharePoint, onsite employees are able to share files and collaborate with offsite workers. Meaning their colleagues at other offices, telecommuters, project partners, and contractors.

Also, businesses are able to simply add new users whenever a new person joins the organization or project. As well as add capacity to the SharePoint deployment whenever its storage space is running low.

The benefits of IronOrbit Hosted SharePoint include reduced IT costs and higher levels of productivity and collaboration.

Why SharePoint?

Meanwhile, SharePoint is just as accessible, secure, cost-effective, scalable, and reliable when deployed with IronOrbit Hosted Desktops.

The advantage of deploying SharePoint with our Hosted Desktops instead of as an Application Hosting solution, however, is that users can access all of their applications (SharePoint included) from a Hosted Desktop.

As a result, IronOrbit Hosted Desktop users are not only able to access all of the files in the SharePoint repository. But, they’re also capable of opening and utilizing these files as well. Regardless of whether they’re accessing the Virtual Desktop from a computer, thin client, or smartphone.

An Application Hosting solution user, in comparison, would only be able to open a file on SharePoint if he had an application compatible with the file installed on his device. And since desktop-level applications can’t be installed on thin clients, tablets, and smartphones, the user would only be able to open files on a PC.

The benefits of deploying SharePoint with IronOrbit Hosted Desktops therefore include:

  • More convenience. Access your SharePoint files from anywhere and with any device
  • Increased productivity. It’s like taking a fully-equipped onsite PC workstation with you everywhere you go
  • Decreased hardware costs. Access high-powered applications and terabytes of files from low-cost thin clients, netbooks, or mobile devices
  • Increased collaboration. With mobile access to all of the files and collaboration tools you need, you’re always in touch with your colleagues
  • Increased centralization. With an anywhere-accessible SharePoint, there’s no reason to save your files on a local drive that your colleagues can’t access

To deploy Microsoft SharePoint as either an Application Hosting solution or in combination with our Hosted Desktops, contact IronOrbit, a leading Application Hosting provider, at (888) 753-5060 or [email protected] today!