Day: January 14, 2014

Advantages of Managed Application Hosting

Managed Apps OTNO Blog

Hosted solutions that are maintained, secured, and supported by the hosting provider are called managed hosted solutions. For example, IronOrbit Hosted Applications, just like our Hosted Desktops and Hosted Dedicated Servers, come with 24x7x365 technical support, around-the-clock performance and security monitoring, comprehensive IT security (including firewalls, IPS/IDS, antivirus, and content filtering), and managed data backups. The advantages of Managed Application Hosting solutions include:

  • Lower costs. Once businesses sign up for IronOrbit Application Server Hosting, they don’t have to hire any onsite IT personnel or bring in any IT freelancers—seeing as we provide technical support not only for our own solutions but also for also for our clients’ hardware (including computers, tablets, smartphones, printers, and scanners) and applications. Furthermore, with our already secure and backed up Application Hosting solutions, businesses also don’t have to pay for or implement any IT security or data backup systems. These managed services don’t add any additional costs to the low, flat monthly fee that businesses pay for our solutions, either—rather, our low, flat monthly fee already takes the costs of these services into account.
  • Better security, reliability, and performance. IronOrbit Application Hosting solutions are managed, maintained, and secured around-the-clock by our knowledgeable and experienced technicians. As a result, IronOrbit Hosted Applications are better protected than most onsite IT infrastructures (which aren’t managed 24x7x365 and whose managers have comparatively less knowledge and experience) from security breaches and downtime. IronOrbit Application Hosting solutions also perform better than unmanaged applications due to being maintained around-the-clock—though our exclusive Atomic Speed Technology also accounts for some of the difference in performance.
  • Less hassles. With IronOrbit Application Hosting, businesses don’t have to worry about hiring any onsite IT personnel or IT freelancers or implementing any IT security or data backup systems. At the same time, businesses with IronOrbit Hosted Applications also don’t have to worry about security breaches or outages. Companies that sign up for IronOrbit Application Hosting would be able to focus on their business instead of their IT, with the knowledge that their applications will be maximally secure, reliable, and fast at all times and that enterprise-level IT support will always be just a phone call or an email away.

Businesses rely on applications like ERPs and CRMs to be efficient and productive. In order to be effective, however, applications need to be continually managed, maintained, and protected. By contacting IronOrbit at [email protected] or (888) 753-5060 and signing up for our Managed Application Hosting solutions, businesses can ensure that their applications are always ideally secure, reliable, and fast—even as they reduce their IT costs and eliminate the hassles and unpredictability of internal IT management.