Day: January 10, 2014

Increase Productivity with Hosted Applications

The ability of IronOrbit Application Hosting solutions like Hosted QuickBooks to increase productivity was reinforced by write-ups from the last month about mobility and telecommuting.

How Going Mobile Enhances Productivity

Recent articles in CIO Insight and InformationWeek India bore the titles “Enterprise Mobility Dominates IT Agenda in 2014” and “Mobility: Topmost on the boardroom agenda for 2014.”

The article in CIO Insight reports that 67 percent of organizations expect mobile technologies like IronOrbit Application Hosting to increase their productivity levels.

Meanwhile, in the article in InformationWeek India, Sanjay Deshmukh of Citrix (an IronOrbit partner) argues that “‘work’ is no [longer] a place we go to. It’s what we do when ever and where ever business needs to be done.”

He adds, “Mobility has become one of the key drivers for business transformation and growth.” Deshmukh also identifies “containerized” applications (virtualized, network-delivered applications, like IronOrbit QuickBooks Hosting, which always remain on the servers on which they’re installed) and desktop virtualization solutions like IronOrbit Hosted Desktops as mobile solutions that businesses need to embrace in 2014.

A Telecommuting Workforce Is a More Productive Workforce

Another mobility topic that’s trending right now is telecommuting, a subject that Brigid Schulte of the Washington Post recently wrote about in her article, “Telework, once a ‘mom perk,’ keeps government humming during snow storms.”

Telecommuting, Schulte says, has enabled government agencies like the Department of Agriculture, the General Services Agency, the Defense Information Systems Agency, and the Patent and Trademark Office to raise productivity levels and enhance employee morale. Some of the statistics that she cites to support her argument include:

  • Telecommuting saved the federal government $30 million per day during the severe snowstorms of 2009-2010, when federal employees had no choice but to work from home
  • Telecommuting is the only aspect of federal employment that has seen a continual increase in positive feedback “year after year” in surveys of employees
  • Telecommuting would save the federal government $11 billion per year in “real estate savings, productivity increases, continuity of operations, [and] a reduction in absenteeism, presenteeism [when an employee is physically present but unproductive], turnover, [and] healthcare costs” if 45 percent of federal workers telecommuted 2.5 days per week
  • Telecommuting employees processed 3.5 times more patents per year than their office-bound counterparts at the Patent and Trademark Office

QuickBooks Hosted by IronOrbit

IronOrbit QuickBooks Hosting can be accessed from anywhere with any Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone.

With IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks, employees can continue to be productive even after they leave the office (finishing an assignment while riding home on the train, for example), or they can telecommute and potentially be 3.5 times more productive and avoid work stoppages due to severe weather.

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