Day: December 12, 2013

Why Select IronOrbit Hosted Solutions in 2014


For many businesses that have considered signing up for IronOrbit Hosted Desktops, Hosted Infrastructures, or Application Hosting but that have avoided doing so for one reason or another, there are multiple reasons why 2014 will be the year that they finally decide to sign up for our hosted solutions. Though it’s enough for some companies to learn that our hosted solutions are more customizable, scalable, secure, reliable, anywhere-accessible, and cost-efficient than the solutions of other hosting providers, what will convince other businesses to sign up for IronOrbit solutions are trends and projections for 2014.

Reasons why Businesses will choose IronOrbit solutions in 2014 are :

  • Even more mobility. Most people probably don’t need to look at any projections or statistics to know that more people than ever own a smartphone or tablet or both, but here they are anyway: worldwide, the number of smartphones will overtake the number of PCs in 2014; and the number of tablets sold in 2014 will be approximately the same as the number of PCs (desktops and laptops) sold during the same period. Many of these smartphone and tablet owners will naturally want to be able to bring their mobile device to work with them and access their files and applications just as if they were using an onsite PC workstation (the number of mobile devices at the workplace is expected to more than double to 350 million devices in 2014). It’s not always possible or easy for users on mobile devices to access files and applications hosted on an onsite IT infrastructure; IronOrbit hosted solutions, however, can be accessed from anywhere with any Internet-connected device.
  • More confidence in the cloud. If one of the reasons that a business had decided not to sign up for IronOrbit Virtual Desktop Hosting was because it thought that cloud computing was an ephemeral fad that “real” businesses outside of Silicon Valley had no use for, consider these numbers: 75 percent of businesses have already adopted some form of cloud computing (up from 67 percent last year); 69 percent of UK CIOs intend to move their ERP software to the cloud by the end of 2014; and overall spending on cloud computing is expected to increase to $158.8 billion next year (only $52.5 billion was spent on servers in all of 2012, in comparison).
  • Ever-higher security requirements. IT security is more important than ever, with so many businesses handling and storing the credit card information of their customers. At the same time, malware is becoming more prevalent and sophisticated. For example, the incidence of malicious links went up by 600 percent in 2012, and McAfee detected the largest increase in new malware in four years in a 2012 survey. Experts expect the security situation to worsen in 2014, with cybercriminals focusing more on ransomware, a devastating form of malware that’s hard to protect against. IronOrbit users don’t need to worry about malware or hackers, however, because all of our solutions come with an enterprise-level IT security system that includes 24x7x365 network monitoring, firewalls, IDS/IPS, antivirus software, and content filtering.

To quit delaying the inevitable and sign up for our Hosted Desktops, Hosted Infrastructures, or Application Hosting solutions, businesses should contact IronOrbit at or (888) 753-5060 today!