Day: December 11, 2013

Top 5 Reasons to Choose IronOrbit VPS Hosting

It’s possible to divide a single physical server into multiple virtual private servers (VPS).

These virtual private servers are similar to independent physical servers: they both have a defined amount of processing power (CPU) and storage capacity (RAM and HDD or SSD), which are used to host IT solutions such as applications and virtual desktops.

hosted virtual private servers

However, while a physical server’s resources are determined by its hardware, a virtual private server’s resources are determined by a form of software called a virtualization platform; and this provides a VPS with the flexibility to contain as many resources as one-fourth of a physical server (if a business doesn’t need a full physical server and doesn’t want to pay for one) or that of multiple physical servers (if a business has an application or website that needs more processing and storage resources than what is contained in a single physical server).

The cost-efficiency and flexibility of hosted virtual private servers are what causes many businesses to select them over solutions like hosted dedicated servers and hosted terminal servers.

Reasons why Businesses Sign up for IronOrbit VPS Hosting:

hosted virtual private servers

  • Performance. IronOrbit Hosted VPS perform just as well as onsite servers, regardless of the quality of the user’s device or the speed of his or her network. We maximize the performance of our Virtual Private Servers with intuitive, trend-based caching and packet-prioritizing network algorithms.
  • Security. We provide better security for our Hosted VPS than any other hosting provider. We protect them with firewalls, IPS/IDS, gateway antivirus, content filtering, access control, and 24x7x365 alarm monitoring at our datacenters, among other security measures.
  • Cost. IronOrbit Virtual Private Servers—even with Orbital Security, Atomic Speed Technology, 24x7x365 technical support, and managed data backups included—cost only a low, flat monthly fee. They also don’t require the purchase of any additional onsite hardware.
  • Customizability. Businesses can host any IT solution they want on an IronOrbit Virtual Private Server, including applications, virtual desktops, databases, and websites. Other aspects of their Hosted VPS that they can customize include its number of users, amount of data storage, security policies, and authorization settings.
  • Support. All of our Virtual Private Servers come with 24x7x365 all-inclusive technical support, as well as around-the-clock performance and security monitoring and IT maintenance. As a result, businesses that sign up for IronOrbit VPS Hosting don’t need to hire any additional IT personnel.

To sign up for Hosted Virtual Private Servers that perform better and are more secure, cost-efficient, customizable, and better-supported than the Hosted VPS of any other hosting provider, contact IronOrbit at or (888) 753-5060 today!