Day: December 10, 2013

Why Select IronOrbit Hosted Applications

IronOrbit Hosted Applications are fast, secure, reliable, scalable, anywhere-accessible, and cost-efficient.

Reasons, why businesses should select IronOrbit Hosted Applications over the alternatives, include:

Our Hosted Applications are customizable

We can host any application, including software customized with plugins or add-ons and programs that are only compatible with outdated or non-standard operating systems such as Windows XP and Linux.

Other aspects of our Hosted Applications that can be customized include the number of users, the amount of storage space, authentication methods, and security and access policies.

Our Application Hosting solutions are also scalable, so it’s possible to add any amount of users or storage space to them at any time, even after they’ve already been deployed.

Our Hosted Applications come with enterprise-level security and support

hosted applications solutions

We include more security, support, and disaster recovery features with our Hosted Applications than any other hosting provider.

All IronOrbit Managed Applications come with Orbital Security (which includes not only firewalls, gateway antivirus, and content filtering, but also 24x7x365 alarm monitoring at our datacenters), 24x7x365 all-inclusive technical support, and managed data backups. These services are included in the low, flat monthly fee that we charge for our Hosted Applications.

In contrast, many of our competitors charge extra for these high-level services, while others don’t offer them at all. In addition, though it’s actually pretty common for hosting providers to offer 24x7x365 technical support, it isn’t the same kind of in-depth, personalized, or all-inclusive technical support that IronOrbit provides (our technicians are all CompTIA A+ certified, fluent in either English or both English and Spanish, and will provide technical support for a business’s entire IT infrastructure, even with hardware like scanners, printers, and monitors that have only an indirect connection to our solutions).

We host our solutions on dedicated servers

All of our Application Hosting solutions are provided with their own private physical server or servers. Therefore, our Hosted Applications deployments don’t have to share the same physical server with other deployments, as in a multitenant environment.

Generally, applications hosted on a dedicated (or single-tenant) server are more secure, reliable, and powerful, because with a dedicated server access is more limited and the application is provided with more stable and a larger amount of processing and storage resources.

Our Application Hosting solutions are as fast and responsive as locally-installed software

Though the hosted applications of other companies are noticeably slower and less responsive than locally-installed applications, IronOrbit Hosted Applications perform as well as or better than on-premise software.

That’s because we use intuitive, trend-based disk I/O caching and packet prioritization technologies (among other components of our SMX Speed Technology™ -based hosting architecture) to maximize the performance and minimize the network latency of our Hosted Applications.

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