Day: October 22, 2013

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Dedicated Server

A managed server hosting solution has the security, performance, flexibility, scalability, and control to serve as any business’s hosted IT infrastructure.

Let’s look at the top 5 benefits of signing up for a virtual dedicated server.

1. Enhanced Protection

A dedicated server hosting solution offers much better protection than a traditional multitenant hosting plan because businesses that use dedicated servers do not share server resources with any other business. Your hosting provider also protects your dedicated server from all kinds of cyber-attacks including spam, malware, viruses, etc.

2. Maximum Speed

The shared server plans offered by other hosting companies, because they provide too little IT resources to too many clients at the same time, tend to suffer from sluggish speeds and downtime. Dedicated servers, on the other hand, consistently provide clients with the best-possible performance and reliability, since they’re always able to rely upon a physical server’s full complement of IT resources.

3. Better Customized Options

Dedicated server hosting plans give you the freedom to fully modify your hosted server. You get to choose the features you prefer, and you can leave out (and, more importantly, not have to pay for) the features you don’t want. For instance, with a managed server hosting solution, some of the things that you can customize include the server’s operating system, the server’s data storage capacity, and the number of users that can access it at any given time.

4. Easy Expansion

To expand your hosted IT infrastructure, you won’t have to purchase separate hosted servers or go to the trouble or expense of integrating the old and new systems. IronOrbit dedicated servers are fully-scalable; users and storage capacity can be added to them quickly and easily at any time.

5. Complete Control

You should consider switching your business over to a dedicated server because it can give you complete control over how your IT solutions are deployed and maintained.

Given these immense benefits, it is an excellent idea to contact IronOrbit at (888) 753-5060 or [email protected] to sign up for a dedicated server for your business.

Why Governments Prefer Private Cloud Hosting

Governments Prefer OTNO Blog

Forty-six percent of state and local governments have deployed or are planning on deploying applications in the cloud, according to a recent survey, despite the fact that governments, because of financial and regulatory constraints, are usually more reluctant to adopt newer technologies than the private sector (cloud computing is already currently being used by 54% of businesses in the U.S., for example). As might be expected, the same survey also found that the main reason that state and local governments select cloud computing is that it lowers costs through decreased hardware and software purchases and maintenance. Some of the other reasons that governments select cloud hosting are enumerated by an IBM software architect in this Wired article, and they include:

  • More predictability. By signing up for cloud hosting, governments no longer have to handle or pay for the most unpredictable aspects of an IT infrastructure, including hardware and software failure. In addition, most cloud hosting solutions—including those offered by IronOrbit—cost only a low, flat monthly fee. Predictability is especially important for governments due to their inflexible budgets and their obligation to track and keep records of almost everything they do.
  • More compliant IT management. Governments handle a lot of sensitive data that they are required by law to protect and preserve. The 24x7x365 availability and the advanced and highly-effective security technologies and techniques of hosting providers like IronOrbit make them the better choice to protect and ensure the compliance of an IT infrastructure than on-site IT personnel.
  • Increased flexibility. Governments aren’t known for being very flexible or innovative, but they have the opportunity to be both of these things when they select cloud hosting or application hosting solutions from IronOrbit, which are cost-efficient and highly-scalable. They can start new projects or expand existing ones much easier with cloud hosting solutions.

The Wired article also notes that governments spend only 10% on public cloud solutions of what they do on private cloud solutions ($118.3 million versus $1.7 billion, according to IDC). Private cloud solutions are preferred by governments for the same reasons that many businesses in the private sector prefer them: they perform better and are more customizable, secure, and reliable.

For the best all-in-one private cloud hosting solutions, governments and businesses should sign up for hosted IT infrastructures, application hosting, managed servers, or hosted desktops from IronOrbit. Around-the-clock performance monitoring, multidimensional Orbital Security (including firewalls, antivirus, IPS/IDS, and patch management), Atomic Speed Technology, and managed data backups are included with each IronOrbit cloud hosting solution. In addition, all of our solutions are hosted on dedicated (unshared) servers and can be customized to support any amount of data storage or users.

Sign up for the most secure, flexible, and reliable cloud hosting solutions by contacting an IronOrbit sales representative at [email protected] or (888) 753-5060 today!