Day: October 11, 2013

20 QuickBooks Plugins for Your Business

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A version of QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, or QuickBooks Enterprise hosted by IronOrbit is the same as a fully-equipped, on-premise version of these programs.

IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks also have a scalable, high-performance, Atomic Speed Technology-based hosting infrastructure, so they have the same level of performance and the same amount of storage capacity as an on-premise version.

In addition, IronOrbit’s application hosting platform supports QuickBooks plugins. These plugins (or add-ons) are a way of adding analytic, CRM, e-commerce, inventory, shipping, tax, and other features to QuickBooks.

The most popular and/or notable QuickBooks plugins available include:

  • Corelytics Financial Dashboard. Corelytics helps business owners and managers make better decisions by taking unorganized financial information (revenue, costs, etc.) and turning it into actionable data (charts, graphs, forecasts, comparisons, etc.). Corelytics Financial Dashboard was named the QuickBooks “app of the year” in 2011.
    • Also see: Fishbowl QuickBooks Inventory Management and QCommission (a sales commission calculator for QuickBooks)
  • AgileShip. This shipping plugin gives businesses the ability to set up shipments using QuickBooks invoices and orders; verify addresses; create and print labels for any carrier; and find the lowest shipping rate for a given package.
    • Also see: ShipGear (integrates QuickBooks with UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager)
  • OneWay Commerce. With this add-on, businesses can turn their Facebook page into an e-commerce storefront, with QuickBooks providing the inventory and payment processing features.
  • This billing plugin lets businesses track and pay bills, as well as receive payments from customers. All transactions and documents are automatically inputted into QuickBooks.
    • Also see: AnytimeCollect, Customer Payment Analyzer, QuoteWerks, MultiCHAX (check printing software) and AvaTax (automatic sales tax calculator for QuickBooks)
  • ViewMyPaycheck and Intuit Energy Scorecard. These two free plugins from Intuit let employees view and analyze their paychecks online and allow businesses to compare their energy usage to that of similarly-sized companies and organizations in the same industry.
  • Transaction Pro Importer. With this plugin, businesses can save lots of time by automatically importing and organizing financial data from Excel and Access files.
  • Setster. Setster is an application that lets clients schedule appointments via a business’s website or Facebook account. When integrated with QuickBooks, it can also be used to accept payments from clients.
  • EverLogic Dealership Management System, Corecon Construction Software Suite, AIMS Integrated Accounting for Apparel and Garment, and MISys Manufacturing. These plugins add important industry-specific features to QuickBooks.

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