Day: June 5, 2013

The Business Benefits of Hosted QuickBooks

Hosted QuickBooks

Over the years, IronOrbit has assisted hundreds of businesses in making the switch from paper-and-pencil bookkeeping or locally-installed accounting software to IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks. Switching to IronOrbit QuickBooks Hosting won’t cost you a lot of time, money, or effort and won’t disrupt your current IT infrastructure.

Here’s what to expect from the shift to Hosted QuickBooks, depending on your current bookkeeping methods and what type of business you are:

  • If you’re a paper-and-pencil bookkeeper. Even for people without much technical knowledge or experience, QuickBooks is a program that’s easy to learn and use. You can also print from IronOrbit Hosted QuickBooks, so accountants that prefer to work with hard copies or that need to generate physical documents (receipts, invoices, checks, shipping labels, etc.) shouldn’t worry. Furthermore, QuickBooks is less time-consuming and mistake-prone than paper-and-pencil bookkeeping—it can perform advanced calculations and analyses in seconds that might take a person with a calculator several hours; it never makes mistakes; and its files are centrally stored and backed up daily, so its data can never be misplaced or accidentally destroyed.
  • If you already use QuickBooks, but it’s a locally-installed version. One of the advantages of Hosted QuickBooks is that it can be accessed from anywhere with any Internet-connected device. So instead of only being able to access your accounting applications at the office, as with a locally-installed QuickBooks, you can access your Hosted QuickBooks from places such as your home, a coffee shop, or a Wi-Fi-enabled airplane, and from devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Hosted QuickBooks also doesn’t require the purchase of any on-site servers. Furthermore, IronOrbit takes care of IT management by providing 24x7x365 technical support, around-the-clock performance monitoring, comprehensive Orbital Security, and managed data backups with its Hosted QuickBooks.
  • If you’re a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Hosted QuickBooks lets CPAs work anywhere they want. With our fully-supported QuickBooks Hosting, IronOrbit takes care of IT management and lets CPAs focus on their work. Finally, CPAs can provide a customer with access to the Hosted QuickBooks and let the client input its own data, saving themselves the distraction and cost of multiple trips to the client’s office.
  • If you’re a large business. The basic version of QuickBooks is designed primarily for CPAs and small businesses. However, there are also Pro, Premier, and Enterprise versions of QuickBooks. These versions of QuickBooks support a great number of simultaneous users and add features such as advanced reporting and inventory management. In addition to QuickBooks Hosting, IronOrbit offers QuickBooks ProHosting, QuickBooks Premier Hosting, and QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting.

Whether you’re a CPA, SMB, or a large company, sign up for hosted QuickBooks today by contacting an IronOrbit sales representative.