Day: June 4, 2013

The Business Benefits of Hosted Desktop Solutions

Business Benefits of OTNO Blog

IronOrbit Virtual Desktops, web-based solutions that appear and perform just like Windows desktop operating systems, benefit companies of all types and sizes with their cost-efficiency, anywhere-availability, flexibility, security, and ease-of-use. They don’t require the purchase of any on-site servers or the hiring of any on-premise IT personnel. Users can access and utilize them from any Internet-connected device, including low-cost hardware such as refurbished desktop PCs and thin clients. IronOrbit Hosted Desktop Solutions are centralized onto a small number of interconnected servers, which makes them easier to manage, monitor, and secure than desktop PCs. We back our Virtual Desktop Solutions with around-the-clock performance monitoring, 24x7x365 technical support, Orbital Security (which includes firewalls, antivirus, SPAM blocker, patch management, and IPS/IDS), and managed data backups.

In addition to these universal benefits of IronOrbit Virtual Desktop Solutions, there are also some advantages of Hosted Desktop Solutions that depend on a business’s type and size:

  • Self-employed/home office. With a virtual desktop, a self-employed person can utilize Windows applications from any Internet-enabled location—coffee shops, fast food restaurants, libraries, etc.—without having to lug around a laptop. A hosted desktop will also save self-employed people money by extending the lifespan of their existing PC (IronOrbit Hosted Desktop Solutions are server-side processed, so the age or condition of the user’s device doesn’t matter) and/or by keeping them from ever having to purchase a PC at all (users can access their hosted desktop from a tablet or smartphone).
  • Small businesses. Hosted desktops, by extending the lifespan of IT hardware and eliminating the need for small businesses to maintain an on-site IT infrastructure, significantly reduce small businesses’ IT costs. IronOrbit Virtual Desktop Solutions also don’t require any technical expertise in order to access or utilize them, so small businesses can focus on their work and not have to waste of their resources on IT management.
  • Startups. A quick deployment, a scalable architecture, and no long term investments are the three things that the IT infrastructure of a startup needs to have. That’s because startups need to be able to release their products quickly and beat competitors and copycats to the market. They also need an IT infrastructure that can expand its processing power and storage capacity without having to be extensively reconstructed and customized. IronOrbit Virtual Desktop Solutions, fortunately, can be deployed in a matter of minutes; are fully-scalable; and don’t require any long-term investments.

To start benefiting from IronOrbit Desktop Hosting or to learn how your specific business can benefit from signing up for IronOrbit Hosted Desktops and Application Hosting, contact an IronOrbit sales representative today.