Day: April 25, 2013

Effortless Business Continuity with a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Effortless Business Continuity OTNO Blog

There are several benefits to switching from an on-site IT infrastructure to an IronOrbit Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. With a hosted VDI, businesses don’t have to purchase or manage any expensive on-site IT hardware such as servers and storage devices. High-end, well-maintained PCs aren’t required with a virtual desktop infrastructure, either. Any Internet-connected device—including low-cost, zero-maintenance devices such as thin client, tablets, and smartphones—can be used to access a hosted VDI. In addition, businesses don’t have to waste any of their time or resources managing an IronOrbit Virtual Desktop Infrastructure; their hosted VDI will receive around-the-clock monitoring, protection, and technical support from IronOrbit personnel. An IronOrbit Virtual Desktop Infrastructure not only removes many of the costs and hassles associated with a self-managed, on-site IT infrastructure, but it’s also more secure and reliable due to our comprehensive Orbital Security System (including firewalls, antivirus, and IPS/IDS) and dedicated support team.

It isn’t just under ideal circumstances that an IronOrbit Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is better than a self-managed, on-site IT infrastructure, however. Even when an IT disaster occurs, an IronOrbit Hosted VDI is much better at preventing data loss and mitigating downtime. The business continuity features of our hosted VDIs include:

Durability. Businesses with on-site IT infrastructures are susceptible to power outages and natural disasters. Without power or with their on-premise hardware physically damaged, these companies have no way to access their files and applications. Our datacenters, on the other hand, have been designed to withstand power outages and natural disasters with backup generators, fire suppression systems, and geographically-separated facilities. Even if a business’s office has been destroyed by a natural disaster, employees can still access an IronOrbit Virtual Desktop Infrastructure from anywhere via the Internet.

No hassle data backups. Setting up your own data backups requires the purchase of additional hardware and software. You will also have to spend multiple hours per week configuring and monitoring the backups. With an IronOrbit Hosted VDI, however, you won’t have to purchase any new hardware or software or complete any tasks. Our personnel will back up your virtual desktop infrastructure on a daily basis.

Absolute-minimum downtime. Our personnel work around-the-clock to uphold our 100% uptime guarantee. We strive to limit downtime as much as possible, but we also make sure that when it occurs we are prepared for it. We utilize disaster recovery best practices to deliver a remarkable Recovery Point Objective of 4 hours and a Recovery Time Objective of 12 hours. Our personnel also have the ability to respond to any problem at any time due to their 24x7x365 availability.

Whether it’s a normal day or you’re in disaster mode, it’s always wisest to host your files and applications with an IronOrbit Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. To learn more about hosted desktops and how they work, check out some of our previous blog posts on the subject. If you’re interested in signing up for a hosted solution besides a virtual desktop infrastructure, direct your attention to our Hosted Applications, Hosted QuickBooks, Hosted SharePoint, or onthenetPhone (VoIP) services. Our hosted solutions all include 24x7x365 technical support, Orbital Security, Atomic Speed Technology, and automated backups and cost only a low, flat monthly fee