Day: April 23, 2013

The Benefits of IronOrbit Small Business Hosting

Small Business OTNO Blog

Most small businesses have on-site IT infrastructures, but can’t afford to hire any on-site IT personnel. Small businesses in this situation usually respond by assigning employees with limited IT training to monitor and manage the infrastructure when they aren’t doing anything else. Occasionally, small businesses will hire a freelance IT specialist to deal with problems or projects that are beyond the knowledge or ability of anyone inside the company.

Unfortunately, replacing on-site IT personnel with untrained employees and freelancers isn’t as cost-efficient or effective as it might seem. Undoubtedly, the initial costs of assigning untrained employees to manage an infrastructure are much lower than hiring on-site IT personnel. However, the ineffective management of amateur IT workers usually transforms the infrastructure from a productivity-enhancing asset into a high-cost liability. For example, a poorly-managed infrastructure reduces productivity by delivering slow and unreliable applications. It also increases costs through its lack of security (leaving the business vulnerable to expensive data breaches) and its inefficiency (which leads to less reliable hardware that has to be repaired or replaced more frequently). Freelance IT specialists don’t help to lower costs or raise efficiency, either; they only fix and repair aspects of the infrastructure that have stopped working.

Small businesses attempting to lower their IT costs and improve the security and performance of their IT infrastructure should sign up for small business hosting from IronOrbit. Our small business hosting services include hosted infrastructure, hosted applications, hosted desktops, and onthenetPhone (VoIP). These solutions can all be customized to fit the exact IT requirements and preferences of the customer. IronOrbit small business hosting services all come with 24x7x365 technical support, Orbital Security (including firewalls, antivirus, and IPS/IDS), Atomic Speed Technology and automated backups. The costs of our solutions are also predictable, stable, and extremely-affordable—even with all of the services and support included, users of IronOrbit small business hosting only have to pay a low, flat monthly fee for their accounts.

Other benefits of IronOrbit small business hosting services such as hosted IT infrastructure and hosted applications include:

-Limited hardware costs. Doesn’t require any on-site servers or storage devices

Worry-free IT. Fully-managed; doesn’t require any on-site IT personnel

Extremely accessible. Can be accessed from anywhere with any Internet-connected device

AST Speed-enabled. Performs as well as or better than on-premise IT solutions

Ultra-secure. Protects a company from malware and hackers and prevents data loss

To get started with a 30 day free trial, businesses should contact a helpful IronOrbit sales representative today!