Day: April 9, 2013

Efficient Bookkeeping with Hosted Desktop Solutions

Efficient Bookkeeping OTNO Blog

Accountants can always expect an increased workload during Tax Season. According to Abha Bhattarai of the Washington Post, however, financial professionals have been even busier than usual in 2013. Many taxpayers were overwhelmed by the “wave of new tax laws that took effect in early January” and have hired accountants to help them with their tax returns, Bhattarai says. The IRS also didn’t begin to accept tax returns until January 30, which compressed the Tax Season even further. Accountants also have to take extra precautions to protect their clients’ personal identifying information (PII) from hackers and scammers who, according to FOXBusiness, are more active this time of year.

For accountants looking to maximize their efficiency and minimize their costs, both during the hectic Tax Season and year-round, adopting IronOrbit Hosted Desktop Solutions can be a big help. Our Hosted Desktop Solutions are efficient in that they can be accessed from anywhere; don’t require any cumbersome, difficult-to-maintain, and expensive on-site IT hardware such as servers or storage devices; and are managed and protected by IronOrbit. So as a result:

-Accountants can access files and do work from home, a coffee shop, or anywhere else with Internet access. During Tax Season (and other busy periods), they can file tax returns from their kitchen table or their La-Z-Boy instead of being cooped up for 10 or more hours per day in their office.

-Accountants can access their hosted financial applications when traveling to meet with clients and when performing bookkeeping tasks at the customers’ offices. In addition, an accountant can provide his or her clients with access to the accountant’s hosted financial applications (and vice versa) to exchange financial documents and information electronically.

-With virtual desktops, not only do accountants not have to purchase or manage IT hardware such as servers and storage devices, they won’t even need anything as advanced or expensive as a desktop or laptop PC. All an accountant needs to access his or her web-based IT solutions is a thin client, tablet, or smartphone. Imagine having a full desktop version of QuickBooks or Peachtree and terabytes of scalable data storage on a single iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device! It’s possible with IronOrbit Hosted Desktop Solutions.

IronOrbit Hosted Desktop Solutions appear and perform just like a Windows operating system installed on a PC. They have the typical Windows graphical interface (with a desktop, start menu, and taskbar); they can be used to launch applications (hosted along with the virtual desktops); and they are designed to be the private virtual workspace of a single user. Unlike a locally-installed operating system, IronOrbit’s hosted desktops are located on the servers in our datacenters and are accessed via the Internet. Users are routed to their assigned, personalized hosted desktops when they log in with their unique username and password.

All IronOrbit Hosted Solutions cost only a low, flat monthly fee and include 24x7x365 technical support, around-the-clock performance monitoring, automatic data backups, performance-boosting Atomic Speed Technology, and a PCI- and SOX-compliant Orbital Security System. In addition to Hosted Virtual Desktops, Ironorbit also offers Managed Hosted Servers, Application Hosting, Business Productivity Tools, Hosted Microsoft Exchange, and onthenetPhone (VoIP). Accountants can make their life easier during the Tax Season as well as lower their costs and increase their overall efficiency and productivity by signing up for IronOrbit Hosted Solutions today!