Day: April 2, 2013

Increase ROI with a Hosted VDI

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A Hosted VDI from IronOrbit delivers a better ROI than a traditional on-site IT infrastructure. A hosted desktop infrastructure has all the same capabilities of an on-premise infrastructure of servers and desktop computers: it can support applications, store files, and provide users with a virtual workspace. A hosted VDI also has two important advantages over a traditional infrastructure:

1) a user can access it from anywhere with any web-enabled computing device (including a desktop PC, laptop, or smartphone);

2) it’s easier to secure, manage, and change.

The increased accessibility of a hosted desktop infrastructure raises the productivity of workers by letting them access their files, applications, and emails outside of the office; it also enhances collaboration by making it easier for off-site workers (telecommuters, project partners, etc.) to use the same files and applications as on-site workers. Similarly, the superior efficiency and security of virtual desktop hosting ratchets up the performance level of the infrastructure and gives on-site IT personnel time for more advanced or important projects. At the same time, a hosted VDI costs much less to implement and maintain than a traditional IT infrastructure. According to Citrix, a virtual desktop infrastructure costs 40-45% less than a traditional on-site IT infrastructure and pays for itself in only 6 months. A hosted VDI is even more cost-effective because it doesn’t require any on-site servers or on-premise IT support personnel.

Companies can get an even higher ROI from their hosted desktop infrastructure if they sign up with IronOrbit. A Hosted VDI from IronOrbit costs only a low, flat monthly fee. Our Hosted VDI, like all of our solutions, comes with a 24x7x365 technical support, around-the-clock monitoring, automated backup, comprehensive data security (firewall, antivirus, spam blocker, etc.), and performance boosting Atomic Speed Technology. That’s a lot of return for a modest investment!

Hosted desktops are web-based computing environments that appear and perform just like a Windows desktop operating system, except instead of being installed on a PC they are located on the servers of a hosting company and are accessed via the Internet. Each user receives his or her own designated hosted desktop, which maintains the specific user’s files, settings, and applications permanently, no matter how many times the user logs in or out (just as a desktop OS stays the same even after the user turns off his or her PC). Multiple hosted desktops can be housed in a single server, resulting in a more cost-efficient and easier-to-manage IT infrastructure. Contact IronOrbit to get your own hosted desktop infrastructure today.