Day: February 21, 2013

The Benefits of Managed Server Hosting

The Benefits MSH Blog1

Managed Hosted Servers are a type of Cloud-Based Infrastructure. Like physical servers, Hosted Servers don’t have inherent end-user functionality in the typical sense. They are “blank canvases” composed of CPUs, RAM, long-term data storage, and bandwidth. A business can use Managed Server Hosting to deliver any number of IT Solutions, including Email, Websites, Applications, and Virtual Desktops. The virtualization of Hosted Servers also lets them host several IT Solutions at one time. A business could fit its deployments of an e-commerce platform and Microsoft Exchange onto a single virtualized server, for example, when without virtualization each Solution would require a dedicated server of its own.

Managed Server Hosting

Managed Server Hosting is the optimal choice for organizations that want to be able to customize, control, and monitor every aspect of their Hosted Servers. Managed Hosting Services work best for companies with highly-unique IT requirements and preferences; businesses that need to satisfy specific data security regulations; or any organization that desires a Hosted Infrastructure with the greatest flexibility, manageability, and freedom.

Not all Hosted Servers are Managed Hosted Servers, of course. Normal Hosted Servers only receive basic support. A Hosting Provider will perform only the tasks needed to ensure that a Hosted Server is functioning, online, and available. With Managed Server Hosting, however, it provides services that enhance the performance, security, and compliance of the Solution without infringing on the privacy or control of the Server’s owner.

IronOrbit, for example, includes the following with our Managed Hosted Servers:

-24x7x365 technical support

-Around-the-clock performance and security monitoring

-Atomic Speed Technology

-Orbital Security (including firewall, IDS/IPS, antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, and content filter)

-Complete, automated data backups

About IronOrbit

IronOrbit is unique among Hosting Providers in including Managed Services with all of our Solutions—such as our Hosted Servers, Virtual Desktops, Hosted Applications, Business Productivity Tools, and VoIP. To simply maintain the functionality and availability of a Hosted Solution isn’t enough for us. At IronOrbit, we set out to optimize our Solutions to be as fast, secure, and reliable as possible, as much as possible. We offer a total of eight types of Managed Hosting Services: Dedicated Servers, Private Cloud Servers, Dedicated Virtual Servers, Hybrid Cloud Hosting, Terminal Server Hosting, Citrix Server Hosting, Web & E-Commerce Hosting, and Compliance Hosting. Sign up for any of them between now and March 31, 2013 and receive Dell Wyse C Class thin clients and Microsoft Exchange for FREE!

QuickBooks Hosting vs. QuickBooks Online

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It’s a no-brainer to select Hosted QuickBooks over an on-premise version of QuickBooks. The main reasons to go with QuickBooks Hosting that we described in a recent blog post, “A Quick Guide to Using Hosted QuickBooks,” included:

-lower costs

-higher scalability

-better reliability and

-improved manageability.

Users can access their Hosted QuickBooks from anywhere with any Internet-connected end-user device (including laptops, tablets, and smartphones). Administrators will also find it easier to manage and protect a centralized Hosted Solution. Finally, owners and managers will appreciate Hosted QuickBooks’s contribution to their bottom line as it significantly lowers hardware expenses. In short, QuickBooks Hosting benefits an organization from top-to-bottom.

A business that has selected Hosted QuickBooks hasn’t finished the decision-making process, however. It still has to choose between the Hosted QuickBooks offered by the application’s developer (QuickBooks Online from Intuit) and the QuickBooks Hosting offered by a third-party Hosting Provider. To some businesses, first-party hosting might seem like the logical choice: according to this view, a software developer would naturally possess the most in-depth knowledge about its own products; would have an incentive to not host the products in a way that diminished their quality; would always be the first to receive the latest patches and newest versions; and wouldn’t have to cough up any licensing fees to itself.

However, this kind of thinking overlooks the fact that hosting is as much a specialized skill as software development. First-party application providers don’t have the hosting experience necessary to set up, manage, protect, or back up the Solution properly. Their lack of basic hosting proficiency cancels out whatever supposed advantages they have as the software’s developer.

Additional advantages of Hosted QuickBooks

Additional advantages of Hosted QuickBooks over QuickBooks Online include:

Managed backups. Hosting Providers will protect a business’s QuickBooks backups from data loss and unauthorized access.

Full functionality. With a Hosting Provider, a company doesn’t have to settle for QuickBooks Online. It can transfer and host any QuickBooks desktop version it wants, including QuickBooks Accountant, QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Pro.

Advanced multiple-user support. An unlimited number of users can connect to a deployment of Hosted QuickBooks.

Better security. A business can add security measures to a deployment of QuickBooks Hosting such as antivirus and intrusion detection systems.

With the final decision that a business has to make with Hosted QuickBooks, it needs to find the third-party Hosting Provider that offers it the best flexibility, reliability, and performance. IronOrbit should be the obvious choice in this case. Our patented Atomic Speed Technology and Orbital Security System let us provide the fastest-performing and best-protected QuickBooks Hosting Service available. We also provide free Managed Services with our Financial Application Hosting such as 24x7x365 technical support, around-the-clock security and performance monitoring, automated data backups, and business continuity planning. Never have any issues with slowdown, downtime, or lost data with your Hosted QuickBooks again: sign up with IronOrbit today!