Day: February 16, 2013

Top Hosted Desktop Myths

Hosted Desktop Myths Blog

People naturally want to know more about the Virtual Hosted Desktop these days. According to the IT research firm Gartner, in the near future Hosted Desktops will account for 40% of the total PC market. “Is Desktop Virtualization technology right for my business?” is a question many companies are asking themselves. Misleading advertisements and other misinformation about the Hosted Desktop have made it difficult for organizations to find the answer to this question, unfortunately. To help educate businesses about the actual features and benefits of the technology, we at IronOrbit have set out to debunk some common Virtual Hosted Desktop myths, with this list being the result of our efforts:

1.       It requires extensive training to be able to utilize and/or manage Hosted Desktops.

Not true. Hosted Desktops appear and perform exactly like traditional desktop operating systems. All the applications that work on a locally-installed OS can be integrated with Hosted Virtual Desktops, too. Anyone marginally familiar with a computer will not have to be trained to access and operate the VDI. In addition, administrators of any skill level can manage and monitor a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure from a centralized and easy-to-use control panel.

2.       Hosted Desktops aren’t as secure as traditional on-site desktops and servers.

Hosted Desktops are actually more secure than a typical on-site IT infrastructure. The centralization of Virtual Desktops makes them easy to scan for malware and monitor for intrusions or hacking attempts. It’s also simpler to contain and neutralize infections due to the flexibility and maneuverability of Hosted Desktops. Furthermore, the data of Hosted Desktops always remains on the server. Users can be prohibited from transferring files from their Virtual Hosted Desktop to the hard drive of their device.

3.       Hosted Desktops cannot match the performance of locally-installed operating systems.

In fact, Virtual Hosted Desktops match or exceed the performance of on-site workstations and servers. This is because leading Hosted Solutions Providers such as IronOrbit possess state-of-the-art datacenter hardware that they continually maintain, tweak, and upgrade. The majority of businesses don’t have the resources to maintain their IT infrastructure at such a high level. Hosted Desktops don’t require large transfers of data when operating, either. The users send the information from their keyboards and mice to the Virtual Desktop, and the virtual machine responds by sending the images (or real-time video, in a sense) of their actions to their monitor.

4.       The Virtual Desktops of Hosted Solutions Providers are all of equal quality.

IronOrbit shows that this isn’t the case. All of our Hosted Desktops include performance-boosting Atomic Speed Technology, which allows us to deploy applications in under a second. We also package our Virtual Desktops with 24x7x365 monitoring, automated data backups, around-the-clock technical support, business continuity planning, multidimensional security (including firewall, antivirus, and patch management), and—for those that sign up between now and March 31, 2013—FREE thin clients and Microsoft Exchange. All of these extras and support services are included in the low, flat monthly fee that we charge for all of our Private Cloud Solutions.

Now that we’ve provided you with all the true and relevant information about Hosted Desktops, be sure to check back to the IronOrbit blog for all the latest IT news, tips, and deals!