Day: December 18, 2012

The Benefits for Construction Companies of Hosting their IT Infrastructures in the Clouds

Construction companies are particularly well-suited for cloud-based IT infrastructures. For many of its employees, their “office” is a temporary construction site. Some construction companies have workers that travel from location to location, while others assign and oversee groups of workers at multiple sites. Meanwhile, the “brains” of the operation—the architects, engineers, and project managers—may not even be located at a construction site, remaining at headquarters (perhaps hundreds of miles away, in the case of multinational construction companies like Fluor and Bechtel) where they remotely contribute their expertise to several projects at once. Also, the mobile devices that in-the-field contractors carry with them—laptops, tablets, and smartphones—do not have the storage space to handle the electronic blueprints of medium-to-large projects.

Only a cloud-based IT infrastructure can address the challenges of dispersed personnel working with such heavy-duty files and software. With the cloud, employees everywhere can get full and immediate access to the company’s applications—its project management, document management, and cost estimation software. An online infrastructure also ensures that everyone in a company has the most up-to-date version of a file. Without a cloud infrastructure, apps would have to be individually installed on each employee’s device. The company’s infrastructure would become decentralized, leading to less oversight and control, more data loss, and more inconsistencies (resulting in potentially grave and expensive mistakes at the worksite). Web-based infrastructures also make it easy to send and receive bids, RFIs, RFPs, and RFQs.

In addition to helping to increase the accessibility and centralization of a company’s files and applications, cloud computing also assists construction firms in the areas of costs, collaboration, and regulatory compliance. Construction companies can save a lot of money with the cloud. It prevents them from having to purchase servers, storage devices, and other advanced IT hardware. Those with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies don’t have to purchase any workstations or mobile devices for their employees, either. And because clouds can be built, canceled, or scaled up or down at any time, they are a great month-to-month option for temporary construction projects. Meanwhile, cloud computing’s remarkable accessibility not only lets employees but also project partners and stakeholders gain easy access to files and applications. At the same time, properly-equipped clouds can ensure compliance with data security regulations as much as the most well-protected on-site database.

Though a few developers of engineering and construction software provide cloud-based versions of their applications, construction companies would be better off signing up for an IronOrbit Private Cloud Infrastructure. The benefits of IronOrbit include:

Multiple applications. Host your project management, document management, CAD, and cost estimation apps on a single IT infrastructure.

Full-featured desktop environment. With IronOrbit, you can access your email, browse the Internet, and generally do anything that a locally-installed Windows operating system can do—even if you log in from a smartphone or tablet. Conversely, with a SaaS solution, your movements would be restricted to a single program.

Fully managed, supported, and secure infrastructure. The IronOrbit team will monitor
and maintain your infrastructure around-the-clock, while also providing 24x7x365 online and phone-based technical support. Our patented Orbital Security System (including firewalls, antivirus, intrusion detection system, content filter, and data backup) will protect your files and applications and also ensure your compliance with data security regulations.

Scalability. IronOrbit can support your infrastructure whether you’re building a skyscraper or a single-story house.

Reliability. Your IT infrastructure will never be the cause of project delays with our 100% uptime guarantee.

Fixed, low costs. Your IT infrastructure won’t be the cause of your cost overruns, either, with our fixed monthly rates starting at $1 per user per day.

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