Day: October 30, 2012

Disaster-Proof Your IT Infrastructure

Hurricane Sandy, already classified by many as the “storm of a lifetime” for residents of the northeastern United States, will officially hit New Jersey and Delaware sometime Monday night. Roads and bridges will be blocked; buses, subways, and trains will be shut down; and thousands of flights will be canceled (as 10,000 have been already). Power outages are expected to affect 10 million people and to last as long as 10 days. While staying safe and out of harm’s way is the first priority in the face of natural disasters, diminishing losses for businesses is another a great concern.

Many organizations have already been paralyzed by the storm; with employees unable to get to work, computing equipment possibly damaged by flooding and power outages that will make useless any surviving on-site hardware. Thousands of dollars in lost productivity and sales are likely to result in the aftermath of this kind of natural disaster. Catastrophes of this magnitude could disconnect or destroy on-site IT hardware but would not affect the off-site data centers of IronOrbit.

With a cross-country network of data backup and disaster recovery centers, IronOrbit users don’t have to worry about losing valuable data. Additionally, IronOrbit provides the option of continuing to work if they are out of the storm’s immediate path but unable to get to their workplace.

During the storm, IronOrbit will:

-Preserve a company’s files and applications in servers and storage devices hundreds of miles away from the hurricane’s path

-Let employees in offices outside of the storm’s path continue working, which would be impossible if a company’s infrastructure were self-hosted in a Northeastern office or facility

-Allow employees that have access to electrical power and the Internet to obtain their files, applications, and emails from their homes

-Even let staff that have neither electrical power nor Internet stay connected via smartphones, tablets, or hotspots (cell towers have been constructed to withstand even the strongest hurricane and have backup electrical batteries and generators, and IronOrbit can be accessed via a mobile data network)

IronOrbit creates a virtual workplace for companies of all types and sizes. It lets employees access their files and applications from anywhere, whether they are at the office, at home, or on the road. It centralizes a company’s IT infrastructure, discouraging unauthorized access and unintentional data loss. It also guarantees the security of a business’s infrastructure with its off-site servers, Orbital Security System, and backup and disaster recovery systems. It’s always business-as-usual with IronOrbit, no matter a user’s location or situation.