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Backups & DR

Customizable Backup & Disaster Recovery Services with In-Depth Support

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All the backups your business needs:
file-level, physical server/bare metal, VM,
& SQL database backups
Fully-customizable: choose your backup type
(differential/full), # of offsite backups, # of file
versions, and minimum data retention period.

Disaster Recovery


For when any amount of data loss is unacceptable, as with a PoS or e-commerce system or ERP. VM DR Replication, SAN to SAN Replication, and SQL Replication.
Data is copied to an offsite location as soon as it's created; lets you restore your systems to the way they were the exact moment/second they went down.
Risk Analysis & Review

The process begins with a comprehensive risk analysis that aims to identify all potential continuity risk factors. The analysis takes into account the organizational, managerial and technical environments in which the continuity plan will be implemented.

Business Impact Analysis

Next, we identify the types of disasters most likely to occur and their potential impacts on your company’s ability to perform critical business processes.

Strategy & Implementation

Finally, we compile a list of protective measures to implement in anticipation of possible business interruptions.

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Avoid data loss and downtime
Avoid having to handle backups and disaster recovery yourself
More cost-efficient than handling internally
Maintain control & visibility over your backups and disaster recovery
Peace of mind of having your backups and disaster recovery handled by trustworthy experts
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