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GPU-Accelerated Workspaces That Leverage The Computing Power Of The Cloud

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AEC GPU-Accelerated Workspaces

Many AEC firms are gravitating towards IronOrbit’s industry optimized and GPU-Accelerated INFINITY Workspaces. Powered by NVIDIA’s virtual GPU technology, they are quickly becoming an industry standard for graphic and compute-intensive applications. Slow internet speeds, bandwidth limitations, outdated hardware, and bulky, costly workstations are a thing of the past. IronOrbit’s INFINITY Workspaces are tailored to fit your business, workflows, and requirements for a seamless experience with 3D rendering, visualization, and any BIM or CAD applications.


Broaden Efficiency, Boost Productivity and Build Profitability

Broaden Efficiency, Boost Productivity and Build Profitability

As architects of business transformation, our cloud solutions are designed and optimized around the unique demands of your AEC firm. Our INFINITY Workspaces are customized to improve workflow efficiency across all departments. We strive to provide an enhanced user experience that boosts productivity and fosters collaboration. The fixed monthly fee stabilizes and reduces overall IT costs, while increasing competitive advantage and building sustainable profitability.

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Design & Build Without Limitations

NVIDIA Quadro augments our ability to deliver an agile, flexible, and scalable solution for real-time collaboration from anywhere on any device. Inherently secure mobile and remote access, combined with high-powered GPU technology, enables us to truly deliver future-proof designs without limitations.

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Synchronize Architectural Projects From Concept To Construction

The Perfect Cloud Cloud Journey Safe & Secure Continuity You Can Count On
Built for BIM and CAD to deliver a smooth, seamless, GPU-Accelerated experience for architects, engineers and construction professionals. Moving to the cloud is the single most powerful decision you can make to optimize your business, drive innovation and advancement, while facilitating growth and reducing costs long term. We standardize multiple levels of security, which are unparalleled in the industry. Your entire infrastructure is protected by state-of-the-art technology at Tier 4 Data Centers and surveillance. Our Business Continuity features Enterprise-grade backups and disaster recovery with data centers strategically placed throughout the US & Canada, with reliable 24/7/365 support.

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Case Studies

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