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GPU-Accelerated Workspaces for AEC

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Super-Charged GPU-Accelerated Workspaces

Blazing fast performance

Hyper secured environment

Real-time access & collaboration

Any application on any device

Future-Proof Technology Solutions

INFINITY Workspaces are designed to provide the same or better GPU performance compared to physical workstation. IronOrbit develops fully customized, dynamic, modular, scalable, and secure Turn-Key solutions that fit specific user profiles within the AEC industry.

Our Key Initiatives include:

• Migrate traditional workstations to fully digitized, cloud-based workspaces

• Provide AEC specific solutions that boost efficiency and reduce TCO

• Tailored GPU-Accelerated DaaS Products for every user profile

• Committed to perfecting the UX in adopting and utilizing DaaS solutions

“The IronOrbit INFINITY Workspaces is ideal for professional graphics workstations used by engineers, architects, and designers across industries, from AEC to M&E to manufacturing. With Quadro performance from the cloud, on any connected device, professionals working from home can stay productive.”

Matt McGrigg, Global Director of Cloud Business Development, NVIDIA.

Who We’ve Helped

Dant Clayton

Spending an average of $3,000+ on workstations, only having to replace them every 3-5 years just doesn’t work anymore. The cloud offers unlimited upgrading and no more hardware refreshes.

dant clayton ironorbit case study


The IT Director at SMMA knew the entire AEC industry was on the edge of a digital transformation. 

Giroux Glass

Giroux Glass, best known for its work on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, has established itself as one of the nation’s most respected glazing contractors since 1946.

Designed & Built for Creative & Technical Professionals

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What Our Clients Say

“When COVID-19 started, we were able to provide latency-free workspaces to users with substandard home internet connections using IronOrbit. What started out as a move to optimize our business operations really ended up becoming a lifesaver for our organization.”

Mike Albitz

MSA Professional Services

“Even through using a hotspot on my phone, I can access everything I need. I was able to pull up a CAD drawing at a client meeting and we were able to look at it and get an answer right then and there!”

Jennifer Howe

SMMA & ACEC Massachusetts

“The customizability & scalability of the platform have made it easy for us to add employees & expand as needed, as well as attract & retain the best engineering talent with a work-from-home option.”

Matthew Harper
Matthew Harper

VP of Technology, Dant Clayton

The “All-in-one”

IT Solution


Unlimited hardware and software

upgrades. Microsoft 365 & more.


A dynamic platform that scales to support your workloads when needed most.


Unlimited data transfer in and out for

no additional charge. Includes backups & Internet usage.


IronOrbit complies by default with PCI DSS,

HIPAA, SOC, & many other data control



Daily offsite backups & snapshots to a

dedicated DR facility. Rapid recovery

w/ RPO & RTO as low as 2 hrs.


Dedicated support teams w/ SLA of down

to 10 seconds response time, 15 minutes resolution time.


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