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Eco-Friendly Green IT Alternative

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution has taken businesses to the next level. If you have not tapped into BYOD, consider hosted virtual desktop as a jumping off point.

If you’re used to the traditional workplace environment, a hosted desktop might be foreign to you.

A hosted desktop refers to a Windows operating system, which is accessible via the Internet. It’s the clone of a Windows operating system with the same capabilities as the operating system on a PC.

This means that a hosted desktop lets you install and launch Microsoft Office applications, web browsers, and even email programs such as Microsoft Outlook.

Why Cloud Computing Is a Green Technology

For the most part, cloud computing (which IronOrbit Hosted Desktops and Hosted IT Infrastructures are examples of) is a “green” technology because it consolidates many inefficient onsite IT infrastructures into a much smaller number of efficient datacenters. The efficiency of cloud computing datacenters isn’t just a matter of economy of scale—servers in cloud computing datacenters […]

Going Green Without Sliding Into The Red

March 28, 2012—Anaheim Hills, CA—IronOrbit, a leading cloud-based solutions and IT hosting provider, recently provided fully-integrated IT infrastructures to the tenants of SuitesPro, the eco-friendly executive suites firm. SuitesPro, which builds and leases “green” office suites to small businesses and independent professional, converted a 2,000 sq. ft. complex into Anaheim Hills’s first LEED-certified property of […]

Go Green, Go to the Cloud

When people talk about “going green,” they usually mean recycling, installing a solar panel on the roof of their home, or conserving their water usage with briefer showers and sprinkler control systems. When businesses talk about “going green,” they usually mean replacing their current fleet of service vehicles with Priuses, renovating their office building to […]

Why Businesses Are on Cloud Nine with the Hosted Desktop Model

Analyst House Gartner predicts that Hosted Virtual Desktops will grow up to fourfold by 2016 to 49 million units. This trend is already growing in the business market with several benefits offered by hosted desktops service providers. 1) Businesses are understanding the benefits of hosted desktops Many businesses are growing rapidly and so is the […]

Optimized Telecommuting with Hosted VDI

Summary: IronOrbit Hosted VDI provides telecommuters with an accessible, secure, fully-managed, and complete IT infrastructure. Studies show that in the United States about 20 million to 30 million workers or 24% of the national workforce telecommute at least one day per week. Around the world, 10% of workers telecommute every day, while more than half […]

The Cloud: Better for Business and the Environment

WSP Environment & Energy and the National Resources Defense Council published new research this month that confirmed cloud computing’s environmental-friendliness. In their study, the cloud outperformed on-premise IT infrastructures in every measurable energy efficiency category. In PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness, the ratio of a data center’s energy usage for computing purposes to its total energy […]

IronOrbit After Sandy: The Data That Survived The Storm

Businesses shouldn’t gamble by settling with less-than-adequate disaster recovery. Their IT infrastructure absolutely needs to be able to withstand the most sophisticated cyber-attack or the most destructive natural disaster. Budgets are too tight and the competition is too high in this economy for any kind of setback. Fortunately, businesses with on-site infrastructures have an alternative […]

The Private Cloud: A Cyber War Bomb Shelter

As the amount and the importance of the data that people, businesses, governments capture and store electronically have increased, so has the frequency of every type of cyber-attack. Much attention has been paid to financially-driven hacking and hacktivism, the two most common forms of cybercrime. However, a rarer though much more devastating type of cyber-attack—cyber […]