7 Things Healthcare Providers Must Consider Before Creating New Digital Business & Operations

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Mobile devices are the key to taping into knowledge flow streams including the citizen health record platform.

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Author: John McMahon

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Healthcare businesses across the country are finding their technology stretched to the limit. Many were struggling with their technology before the outbreak. Now there are the challenges of adding many emerging technologies into the mix. High tech capabilities like telehealth capabilities, remote patient monitoring, and remote workers.

Health IT has been slow to change and adapt over recent years. Thousands of healthcare businesses across the country are making big decisions. The stage has been set. CIOs know that to remain competitive, they must leverage technology. The IronOrbit team works daily with healthcare professionals. We listen to your concerns about IT challenges.


Most common concerns are:

  • Aligning technology with reporting requirements
  • Provisioning of work-from-home staff with secure, compliant technology
  • HIPAA and PCI compliance
  • Onboarding and provisioning IT for new physicians, respiratory therapists, clinicians, and support staff
  • Setting up self-triage tools
  • Providing data process transparency to meet the demands of increased shareholder and regulator scrutiny
  • Tele-health capacity
  • Security of practice management applications within the overall IT environment


As with healthcare, the BandAid fix is not always the most appropriate course of action – even in a crisis. We work with healthcare clients to seek solutions that meet the high demand of the current situation. We also work to help the leaders of healthcare businesses road map an IT strategy. These strategies not only have to work today, but help shape the years ahead. Healthcare has to put emerging technologies front and center.



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Telehealth and digital monitoring are the wave of the future.

7 Things You Should Consider Before Making Your Next Move



1. Care

Will this technology do what I want it to do? Will it increase my capacity to improve care for my patients? Will the patients find it easy to use?




2. Capacity

Will the IT solution that I am considering handle current and surge capacity? What about capacity expectations for the next five years?





3. Cost

Can the technology be budgeted and brought onto the OP-EX side of the books or do we have to make a large capital investment?





4. Cybersecurity

What are the security risks associated with the proposed technology implementation? Will this new technology make my patients’ data and employees’ privacy more or less secure?




5. Configuration

How should the new technology be configured to avoid security gaps and to provide the greatest workflow automation advantage?





6. Continuity

How difficult will it be for physicians, patients, clinicians, and admin staff to adapt to the new technology? Will the proposed technology adoption interrupt the continuity of care?




7. Compliance

Is the technology I am considering aligned with the compliance requirements my practice must meet?


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For healthcare providers, It’s been all hands on deck, and then some.

Putting together a road map for Healthcare IT is challenging under normal circumstances. These are not normal circumstances.

Having the right IT consultants on your side will make all the difference. We are technology partners who will ask the tough questions. And we will answer the questions that are most critical to long term growth and success. Together we will find the right balance of technology for you. Our solutions will address current IT challenges. They will better prepare you for adopting advanced technologies as they become available.

Like medicine, every “prescription” for your IT system can have side effects. You must have experts who can understand the problem from your perspective. People who know and understand the complexities behind your Health IT decisions.

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