The Traditional Classrooms Have Moved On-Line

What You Need to Know About Setting Up Online Learning

The dynamic environment in which we all now work and learn has forced many schools, colleges, and universities to move to an online classroom setup.

Some educational institutions were providing online learning portals before the COVID-19 pandemic and are familiar with the setup and security requirements. However, many school administrators are struggling with the setup, security, and ongoing maintenance of what is now a technological education platform.

If your institution is one of those that is now frantically grappling with the need to source, purchase, install, and train on new equipment, don’t worry. You’re not alone, and we’re happy to help.

Cloud Computing Has Made Virtual Classrooms Affordable, Secure, and Intuitive for Both the Teacher and the Student.

The schools, colleges, and universities that the IronOrbit team works with are having success with distance education by leveraging cloud workspaces and Microsoft 365 combined with the cloud-based tools they have been using all along. With those administrative tools in place, it’s time to get rolling on an online audio/visual interface between your teachers and their students at home.

Many educators are trying to figure out the best video conferencing tools available to them and their students. Maybe you’re making do with one of these solutions now. But like many others, you’re finding that audio/video quality and speed of customer service are suffering on these platforms because they weren’t built for the volume of traffic that they are now facing.

So, what’s the solution?

The answer is a cloud-based online classroom built and designed for your institution and your online students. Having our custom setup solves the following problems:

• Audio and video issues caused by insufficient vendor resources
• Audio and video issues caused by limitations of computer processor speeds
• Long customer support lineups
• Lack of training for your staff, teachers, and students
• High costs associated with in-demand video conferencing services
• Cyberattacks and security breaches

Here’s What You Need to Know About Setting Up Robust and Secure Online Learning Environments

1. Build for the Future
There are a number of video conferencing solutions on the market that could be used in a pinch. That doesn’t mean they are the right fit for you. You want the online student experience to be as engaging as possible. If you have courses in architectural design, 3-D modeling, film editing, or animation, you need the end-users experiences with these programs to be seamless…just like it was in a classroom environment. Get the right advice from the beginning. Set up an online learning environment that will provide you quality service today, tomorrow, and well into the future. This will save you time, money, hassle, and headaches.

2. Think About Security
Every school is flocking to cloud-based, video conferencing right now. Few are thinking about securing their calls and protecting their students’ and teachers’ confidential information on these platforms. Don’t trust the platform you choose will secure your information. By partnering with IronOrbit, you benefit from our cloud security expertise. Working together, we’ll make the right choices for your institution.

3. Choose the Functionality that Works for You
When you move from cloud meeting applications designed for small, business to business meetings to solutions developed for hundreds of attendees, you get more options. Because educational institutions are different than small or large businesses, having the ability to configure your online classroom platform to your exact specifications makes a world of difference for teachers, administrators, and students.

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